Further Discussion of Engineered Adaptability and Evolution

This enlightening series by Dr. Randy J. Guliuzza continues. Previously, we saw that Charles Darwin focused on external influences and claimed that those are responsible for vertical evolution. I'll allow that he did not know what we know today, as Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him) had not fully developed his studies in genetics. 

Credit: Pixabay / Gerhard Bögner
A study of the Great Chinese Famine had some excellent work, but was incomplete, failing to identify a causal mechanism. Likewise, scientists cling to the consensus of externalism as the means of change in organisms. Instead, they need to be examining the way the Creator has engineered them to adapt to changes.
Imagine the challenges facing an engineer who’s been tasked with designing a fully automated, unmanned spacecraft that needs to travel to a planet and safely return. . . . Every capability the autonomous vessel has, including the ability to relate to external conditions, will be due to its own features…and nothing else. . . . If the design fails, then the engineer will correct the design—not the external conditions—for the next generation of spacecraft. The precise, objective reality of engineering causality can be demanding.
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