Evolutionists Still Mystified by Giraffe Neck

Way back when, I lived in small a Michigan town on the shore of the lake that shares that state's name. There was a park on the shore, informally known as "G Park", short for "Giraffe Park", because teenagers would go there for a long necking session. You know, making lip lock.

"Does this have anything to do with creation and evolution, Cowboy Bob?"

Not really.

So anyway, as many of y'all know, evolution wasn't created by Charles Darwin. Lamarck suggested that physical changes were inherited by offspring. Darwin rejected this, but he backtracked and included some of Lamarck's concepts in his later writings. One of the rejected ideas of Lamarck was that giraffes developed long necks by stretching to eat leaves on trees. That idea was justifiably dismissed.

Evolutionists cannot explain the giraffe's neck. It was obviously engineered by our Creator.
Credit: Freeimages / Leslie van Veenhuyzen
However, evolutionists still cannot lasso an explanation for the giraffe's neck. Some are dancing in the dark with Lamarck, and even toying with the idea that they evolved it for the purpose of regulating their temperatures (yes, they use teleology). This conveniently ignores the fact that giraffes are engineered by our Creator to have those long necks in several important ways. By the way, they also seem to forget that the okapi, a forest dweller that is related to the giraffe. It has a much shorter neck.
Evolutionary storytelling about giraffes’ long necks goes back before Darwin, but all the tales have one thing in common: they don’t work. Doesn’t matter. Evolution marches on.

Nature's Editorial [September 12, 2017] should have been a supreme embarrassment. But when only evolutionary explanations are tolerated, those in power have no fear of shame. They can toss out various ‘narratives’ and ‘scenarios’ with alacrity, never needing to submit any of them to serious testing or debate. This editorial is a case in point: “Giraffes could have evolved long necks to keep cool,” the headline reads. “Another explanation offered for one of animal kingdom’s most distinctive features.”
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