Evolutionary Scientists of Doom

It has been strongly established that the secular science industry supports causes of political leftists, and there are several reasons for this. In the formerly United States, the Democrat Party effectively buys votes by promising people what they want — such as generous funding for the secular science industry.

There are secular scientists who just want to contribute to science so the world is a better place. Folks in power in academia and science establishments are the ones so left wing, they fly in circles. Working scientists may or may not be agreeing with leftist goals.

Goat photo by Cowboy Bob Sorensen, modified at PhotoFunia
Study on it a while. Secularists are furthering leftist agendas, including:
This child believes (as should most professing Christians) that they serve the wrong spirit. Secularists constantly affirm microbes-to-misotheist evolution, and get paid for shoddy research. Evolution is an excuse to avoid facing the truth about the Creator and their responsibility to understand what he requires.

Leftists have no consistent basis for ethics and morality. Indeed, the peer review process that is supposed to ensure good research papers is in a shambles. Fraud in science is out of control, and this affects the lives of people. Secular scientists have been pushing research boundaries on human embryos, biological agents that can be used for warfare, and more. That should be very alarming to most people; the consequences of their actions could be devastating.

The rebellion of leftists is seen in affirming things that God hates, and destroying what God has given us — including life. Simply put, they need to repent. Everyone needs to do that, but secularists put a veneer of "science" on their rebellion to justify it.
They already gave us nuclear weapons. And they killed seven million people with Covid-19. Don’t think for a moment that their potential to invent a global catastrophe is now under control, especially when dangerous capabilities are promoted by rogue regimes or enabled by feckless government watchdogs.

. . . Traditions in Big Government and Big Science create perverse incentives that, left unchecked, could make Covid-19 look like a spring sneeze. Big Science (consisting of journal editors, academic deans and lobbyists who presume to “speak for science”) has an insatiable appetite for government funding and an unfettered desire to push limits. And when most scientists are atheists and evolutionists, who can tell them “Thou shalt not” or “Love your neighbor as yourself” when a Nobel Prize or a government grant dangles in front of their wistful eyes? There is also pressure to keep ahead of other countries.

I'd be much obliged if you'd read the entire article over at "Mad Scientists Threaten Humanity." Again, it is troubling to write political things, but secularists are inserting them into science.