Evolutionists and their Love of Abortion

A few years ago, I noticed that atheists tend to be political leftists and approve of many behaviors that are against the commands of God. Particles-to-politician evolution is a tenet of atheism, so they fight red in tooth and claw to defend and promote it.

To be blunt, evolutionism is a death cult, because advancement up the tree of life happens because of death. Things die and new ones evolve. You savvy that? Like people in various religious cults, people involved seldom consider in depth what their organizations believe.

Bassinet, Freestocks / Joanna Malinowska
While society is deteriorating, the murder of unborn children is gaining ground. It has been said that abortion is a sacrament to Democrats and other leftists. Many people know full well that they are ending lives (they admit it), and they do not care. Some are proud of the number of abortions they've had! That's depravity. Those people need to humble themselves and repent to Jesus Christ.

Two things I've said before should be repeated here. First, like nominal members of cults who do not fully realize what they are supposed to believe, there are scientists who just want to do what they trained for. Imagine:

"Hey, Darwin death cultist! Evolution has led to all kinds of evil!"

"Uh, I'm studying these bioluminescent beetles..."

The other thing to mention is that not all atheists are abortionists, approve of sexual deviances, or are even political leftists. Those are in the minority of a minority, but they do exist.

The secular science industry promotes abortion using biased reporting and suppressing contrary data — which is something they do to keep evolution going. Reporting is heavily skewed. Never a mention that abortion kills an image-bearer of God. The lapdog media sneer at and malign pro-life positions. Sure would be nice to discuss science and theology here without politics, but evolutionists drag us along into politics with them.

Evolutionists were almost uniformly left-leaning radicals from the beginning, from Darwin himself on. Exceptions are few. The leading lights of Darwinism in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries are almost all political radicals (e.g., communists), atheists, anti-Christians who mock the Bible. They are intolerant of intelligent design or any form of theism. Go ahead; write us and tell us of exceptions. Good luck finding any.

As leftists, they tend to conform to the whole platform of the Democrat party, which includes support for abortion, including the most radical views that support it right up to the time of birth. Some, like Peter Singer, support it after birth—infanticide. And why not? Life is cheap to an evolutionist. Death is the means of evolutionary progress. As materialists, they disbelieve in a soul or spirit that gives a human being any kind of exceptional nature beyond the mammalian traits. So sure are they of their atheism and moral relativism, they will express moral outrage at anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Let’s prove that with some evidence from the recent news posted on “science” sites. These sites are all pro-evolution and intolerant of any creationist or intelligent design viewpoints. While reading, ask what “science” has to do with advising the killing of the unborn.

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