The Fake Science Peer-Review Virus is Spreading

Angry atheopaths and evolutionists hide behind statements resembling, "Your creation science evidence does not appear in legitimate peer-reviewed journals". Legitimate? They mean secularist evolutionary things. This is a cowardly way of avoiding evidence refuting fish-to-fool evolution and affirming special creation.

It is also a genetic fallacy by rejecting science because of dislike for the sources, and an ad hominem that implies creationists do not know science. It needs to be repeated again that peer review is not a guarantee of scientific truth. Indeed, the secular science industry is infested with fraud, having numerous retracted papers and a reproducibility crisis. Mistakes and fraud have been around a mighty long time, but recent news reveals that things are getting...truly bizarre.

There is a deluded view that peer review gives truth. Secular journals are infested with fraud. The problem worsens, even affecting medical science.
Original image before modification: Pixabay / Rudy and Peter Skitterians
Why the fraud? First of all humans are sinful creatures. Second, lust for prestige and money play a part. Third, there are employers and academic institutions that demand publications in addition to the existing workload. There are other reasons, not the least of which is that secularists are being consistent with their worldviews! (Interesting that communist countries like China are at the forefront of this fraud virus.) Secularists are bringing a worsening problem on themselves.

So what if this fraud is taking a toll on medical science, including how researchers are being deceived and actual work is being hindered? In the minds of fraudsters, they are doing whatever it takes so they can survive more fully — their worldview has no consistent standard for morality. Meanwhile, biblical creationists are accountable to not only each other, but ultimately, to God.
Industrialized cheating is growing so fast, it’s becoming hard to know what is real.

If Nature is concerned about a growing threat to scientific integrity, everyone should be. Science has been the crown jewel of western civilization for four centuries, the fountainhead of presumably reliable knowledge. A pillar of this confidence has been scientific publishing. Newton, Boyle, Faraday and other heroes of the Scientific Revolution preserved the evidence of their experiments in books and journals. Peer review added more confidence that other experts could validate the results and repeat them if necessary. All of this is under a major new threat: the rise of “paper mills.”

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