Gender Confusion and Bad Evolutionary Science

As shown many times before, the secular science industry supports leftist attitudes and causes. Gender confusion and same-sex attraction are two of these. Years ago, and even today, people claimed that homosexuality was genetic, but no so-called gay gene has ever been found.

There are people who claim that homosexuality exists in nature (such as the alleged gay penguin couples) and the way dogs act. However, it seems to be anthropomorphizing by humans instead of real same-sex romance in animals.

To further blur reality, research has been committed in efforts to find same-sex attraction. Evolution was not only presumed, but was claimed that homosexuality evolved many times in different animals. (It seems like an escape to say something happened many times, so evidence is not produced — or demanded. Clever.) The owlhoot who is trying to use science to deny God's order in creation did not seem to take into account that animals act in certain ways for their own reasons, and not for romantic purposes that leftists want to see.
A new analysis by José M. Gómez et al., in an attempt to explain several of the so-called “sexual orientations”, opined that these behaviors evolved, thus are inborn. Gómez et al., writes “Same-sex sexual behaviour probably evolved independently several times in mammals as a way to smooth out social relationships when they started living in groups.” The real question that must be asked is, are transvestism, nonbinary, asexual, agender, bigender, genderfluid, demisexual, graysexual, homosexual, aromantic, questioning, intersex, and the 47 other claimed sexual orientations genetic?

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