The Battle of Evolution and Climate Change

As some people know, the secular science industry is flagrantly promoting the political left. Since leftists in general have disdain for God, it is not surprising that secular science and academia have long been indoctrinating people with particles-to-podiatrist evolution.

Anthropogenic climate change (that is, human-caused global warming) is frequently discussed nowadays. It is based on evolutionary thinking and deep time, and creation views are rejected out of hand. Like with evolution, scientific evidence against the prevailing viewpoint is usually suppressed.

The COP28 conference at the United Nations pushed communist objectives. Further, research showed that people making decisions have no idea what is actually going on. A new study is putting forward the idea that evolution may prevent humans from stopping climate change, but the author seems as conflicted as the presentations at the COP 28 conference. Also, climate has been changing for a very long time — countless eons according to their schemes — and people had nothing to do with it other than survive.

For believers in genetic determinism, there’s nothing we can do. Why worry? Outcomes are determined by forces beyond our control.

Evolution might stop humans from solving climate change, says new study (University of Maine, 2 Jan 2024). . . .

This study is rather strange. It might pit climate alarmists against Darwinists. “Central features of human evolution may stop our species from resolving global environmental problems like climate change,” according to Tim Waring, evolutionary biologist at the University of Maine.

The project sought to understand three core questions: how human evolution has operated in the context of environmental resources, how human evolution has contributed to the multiple global environmental crises and how global environmental limits might change the outcomes of human evolution in the future.

Since humans have exploited resources for over 100,000 years, Waring thinks, there’s little hope they will do better if global climate is at risk. He says that cultural evolution, moreover, has outpaced biological evolution. Mankind has not understood the need for global governance (read: communism) to solve the climate crisis in time.

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