Chernobyl Mutation Study uses Invalid Comparison

It had been quite a spell since Lisa Myworries, Winkie Guard supervisor at the Darwin Ranch, had stopped by my place. (She has been having doubts about evolution but keeps quiet because she needs her job.) The head of their Ministry of Truth, Russell Watchtower, said a study on mutations is bad news for the creationist view on genetic entropy. (That is, harmful mutations are building up at a known rate and we should be extinct by now.) Roundworms do not seem bothered by Chernobyl radiation.

Supposedly educated scientists studied radiation at Chernobyl, finding that roundworms did well. Baseless statements against genetic entropy were made.
Large roundworms, Wikimedia Commons / Alaa (CC BY-SA 3.0)
The explosion at the plant released large amounts of radiation, which caused areas to be evacuated. Workers got radiation poisoning, which led to the deaths of several. Other people were also affected. Roundworms did not seem bothered by the radiation, so some evolutionary tinhorns inferred that genetic entropy was not valid. This also helps their view of mutations helping evolution.

Problem is, humans are not roundworms. (These are supposed to be logical, edjamakated folks.) We were created to be different. You savvy that? Humans and other creatures have different reactions to radiation. We have organs that can be harmed or even destroyed, but worms do not need potassium iodide for radiation exposure. Also, this is an example of how Darwin's acolytes extrapolate observations.
New research has concluded that roundworms have not suffered any major detectable genetic damage from long-term exposure to the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine (also known as Chornobyl).  Does this research disprove, or at least counter, the creationists’ claims that mutations slowly build up in life, eventually causing genetic catastrophe, i.e., extinction?

If life can be protected from mutation genetic damage, it could exist for enormous periods of time and avoid genetic catastrophe. Also, the reverse side is, if life was strongly resistant to mutational changes, life could not evolve. Evolutionists propose that the source of genetic change that causes evolution is mutational damage which causes genetic change. If the genetic change improves survivability it will be passed onto its offspring. Eventually, the life forms with the mutant gene will dominate the population.

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