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Willingly Deceived Part 2

Since evolution is an established fact, the evidence can speak for itself. Of course, sometimes this fact needs a bit of help...

Not all atheistic cosmologists believe in the Big Bang. In fact, this theory is not only rather young, but there is growing evidence against it (ignored by orthodox evolutionists).

Gill slits?
Haeckel, Fraud, Gill Slits, Recapitulation

No, we do not have "gill slits". But this lie has been in textbooks for many, many years even though the fraud was known

E. van Niekerk wrote to me, "There are structures called pharyngeal "arches" that appear on humans and most other vertebrate embryos. Their existence is not in dispute. What is heavily under dispute is the fact that evolutionists have transformed these structures into something they are not. Here is a link to a PDF article which deals with the gill slit claim.
"Take care though, the second illustration is not quite correct. The second and third rows are also from Haeckel, just in later stages. Aside from a small slip-up, the information in it I found was fine. The main issue is with the false similarity portrayed by specifically the first row of Haeckel's embryos." So I replaced the graphic with a better caption.

Silly mistakes, deception and outright fraud are rampant in science -- especially origins research.

OK, couldn't help showing off the site's mascot.

You would think that the frauds would stop by now. Nope. Read more about the Archaeoraptor fraud here.

Romans 1.18-21, 28

The big question: Created or evolved?

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