Anti-Science Extremists in Power

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

Detractors of biblical creation science often refer to us with the epithet "science deniers", which is ironic because they claim to believe in reason as well as science, but are using logical fallacies to make that assertion. Actual science deniers are now in power.

It is regrettable to discuss political things, but leftists have hijacked science. They call us "science deniers" but we affirm real science.
Picture of someone who is probably not anti-science: FreeDigitalPhotos / Toeytoey
It is a regrettable to spend time discussing politically-oriented matters on this weblog, but as we have seen several times before, secularists are hijacking science. Nowadays, secular scientists are saddling up and riding with the totalitarian leftist brand. That means things that were originally considered scientific facts are now subject to the whims of political power and moral degeneration.

People have been getting gradually prepared for the acceptance of moral degradation, and this has been increasing in the formerly United States — as well as other parts of the world. Those with influence and power are actively censoring evidence that is contrary to leftist preferences that are politically expedient. To be blunt, they are normalizing perversions for their own gain. The Biden-Harris Ministry of Love will be around soon to "correct" my thinking, but I stand by the truth.

I lack belief that secularists and misotheists will want to promote Question Evolution Day. Part of its raison d'ĂȘtre is freedom: speech, academic, thought, and more. It is ironic that misotheists and leftists call biblical creationists "science deniers", but we are the ones who affirm real science! Let's be blunt: Darwinian speculations about what happened in the past despite evidence to the contrary is anti-science!

Biblical creation science is a frequent target of censorship. We uphold the importance of God's Word as foundational to not only Western civilization and morality, but to science and logic as well. Have you noticed that leftists are predominantly atheists or have other ways of rejecting the God of the Bible? Add to this the problem that educational systems are generally not teaching critical thinking, and you can get a glimpse of the Argentinosaurus-sized problem.

When someone mentioned free speech, indoctrination, and Question Evolution Day,
one response supporting secular indoctrination was based on
personal preference as well as a red herring!
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Homosexuality was abhorrent to most societies for thousands of years (in Syria, Mohammedans may give a "gay" person a nice view of the city). It was considered a mental illness in the West, but the political and cultural winds reversed that idea. The failed Biden administration has appointed a transsexual as assistant secretary of Health and Human Services — which is very ironic to have someone mentally unhealthy and physically altered in a position of authority.

Transgenderism does not exist in reality. Want the science? The "party of science" deny facts of DNA and chromosomes about sexuality. Some may claim that transgenderism happens in the animal world, but they are conflating human activity with that of animals — and without actual evidence of transsexuality. (Unless there are medical records of blackfin gobies or wrasses seeking hormone injections and undergoing "sex reassignment" surgeries. I may be uninformed about that.) While there are some fish and animals that can change their sexes, their Creator designed that ability into them; it is not based on preferences or feelings, but survival.

To say that animals are homosexual implies that they have same-sex erotic desires. It has been pointed out that male dogs mount other male dogs, but it is not from attraction. Sometimes it is a way to show dominance. At other times, it the same lustful desire that motivates Rover to mount a human leg or a piece of furniture as well as another male dog. There was news about male penguins raising a chick, and that was equated with with human homosexual desires. Such an idea is ludicrous and disingenuous.

Logic and biblical creation science tell us that we are not animals. Although we are classified as such for scientific convenience, we are not just more evolved animals. Atheists and leftists despise the truth that we are created in God's image. To look to the animals as examples of morality (even if the obviously inflated claims were true about homosexuality and transsexuality in nature), that brings in a prairie schooner-full of problems. (Do we also want to emulate cannibalism and rape? After all, animals do it, and we are just animals according to such reckless thinking) Leftist science is actually denial of science — and of reality. This child does not want people with an anti-God, anti-science worldview dictating morality. Savvy that?

I would now like to turn you over to an article that inspired this one, and I'd be much obliged if you'd read "The Anti-Science Extremism of the Left". Kindly come back for the next part.

After I wrote this article, David Coppedge wrote something that fits, so I added it. His article has some very specific and specific examples in the political and science realms, and some items are shocking.

The political divide in the culture has spilled over into science, ruining trust in research objectivity.

New York University just published results of a “study” [prepare to be hoodwinked] that alleges that there is no censorship of conservatives going on. All those conservatives complaining about being deplatformed by social media, having their Twitter accounts dropped and otherwise being victims of bias – well, they’re just making “false accusations,” say Paul M. Barrett and J. Grant Sims. It’s an “unfounded claim” that social media companies censor conservatives. Do you understand? It’s an unfounded claim. Repeat after me: it’s an unfounded claim, unfounded claim, unfounded claim….

It takes a little digging to realize that this “study” that pretends to look like an objective, academic research conclusion is anything but. NYU is a hotbed of leftist, anti-conservative views to begin with. WND says, moreover, that the “study” was funded by a Biden donor.

To read the rest of this important article, see "Science Is Being Corrupted by Politics".