Eugenie Scott, Liar for Darwin

Documentation has been presented here on bad science, misconduct, silly mistakes that should not happen if care had been exercised, untruthful textbooks, fraud — and outright lies. It appears that "science" (that is, the evolutionary belief system about the past being equivocated with empirical science) needs to be protected. In that case, evolutionism does need to be defended, because it is not true science. You can listen to her humiliate herself here. Are they afraid that the truth will come out? (Just earlier this evening, I had an atheist evolutionist lie to me, ridicule both me and creation science, adhere to his fundamentalist orthodox evolutionary religion and use horrible logic to protect evolutionism.) Dr. Eugenie Scott has been on a relentless crusade to keep Intelligent Design and creation science out of education. It appears that her ethics are severely lacking.
In listening to this podcast, it really struck me how proponents of evolution must lie in order to defend their religion – the religion of naturalism. You would think that the refutation of naturalism by the Big Bang cosmology would cause these naturalists to abandon the religion of naturalism, and be open to the reality of non-material intelligent causation. But it’s not the case.

Naturalists must necessarily oppose the progress of science. They oppose the Big Bang cosmology. They oppose the cosmic fine-tuning. They oppose origin of life research. They oppose the fossils found in the Cambrian explosion. They oppose findings showing the high requirements for habitable galaxies, solar systems and planets. 
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