Evolution Discussions

For about two years now (or thereabouts), I have been listening to many podcasts for Christian apologetics. One of those is a radio show and podcast in southern New Jersey called "Evidence for Faith". Keith Kendrix and Kirk Hastings have discussions on various topics and conduct the occasional interview as well.
I have "participated" by writing the occasional letter, and they have read portions of the letters on the air. (Keep your ego in check there, Cowboy...) Since then, we have had some good communication, and I have even reviewed and recommended a book by Kirk Hastings called What Is Truth? (On a side note, one of my more vituperative atheist "haters" sent them a letter, telling them what a bad man I am. This was revealed to me in a telephone conversation with Keith, who thought it was without merit.) By the way, they gave a shout out for "Question Evolution Day / Academic Freedom Day — February 12". Thanks, guys!
So anyway. The show has had several discussions about the scientific problems with evolution. If you go to the Evidence for Faith site, you can click on the "Podcasts" button. There are several talks interspersed, but I suggest that you check out "Problems with Evolution" (October 23, 2011), "Limits of Genetic Change" (November 6, 2011), "Common Ancestry" (November 13, 2011), "Human/Chimp Similarities (November 27, 2011), "Email Debate on Evolution (December 11, 2011), "Email Debate on Evolution 2" (January 1, 2012), "Email Debate on Evolution 3" (January 8, 2012). 

Note: If you have difficulty working the controller on the page, click on the "Subscribe" button for the podcasts and listen to them in Google Reader, Thunderbird or whatever.

There is some useful information here that orthodox evolutionists do not make public, and true science does not suppress contrary evidence such as this.