Refuting the D.M.S. Watson Quote Mining Accusation

Acolytes in the Darwin Death Cult™ tend to lie. A lot. Especially those patrolling the web, seeking to destroy infidels who have the unmitigated gall to dare question evolution. Evidence against evolution, evidence for special creation, those are bad enough. But quotes by evolutionists who express doubt? Katie, bar the door!

When creationists quote Darwinists who admit that there are problems with their belief system, things get...truly bizarre. Although the secular science industry, its press, and supporters on the internet have had their dishonesty documented numerous times, they accuse us of lying.

When creationists quote evolutionists who admit their system has flaws, we are accused of quote mining. Such claims about Wald and Watson are refuted.
Pixabay / Henryk Niestrój
It really puts burrs under the saddles of misotheists and evolutionists when we point out that evolutionists are not in agreement, and many know they don't have science on their side. There are far more than one might expect.

A principle in US law applies here: remarks that work against people saying or writing them are admissible in court as statements against interest. There are many of these statements. When we use them, we're accused of "quote mining". That is, taking them out of context, misquoting, or saying that the people involved have left the dark side. It is up to our accusers to show how we have done this.

However, many of these are hypocrites who attack the Bible and blatantly misrepresent it (see here for some examples), then make false claims against us. These sidewinders are fond of trying to put us on the defensive. Instead, we need to challenge them and keep applying pressure. I have had atheopaths attack, and getting them to back up their claims is like trying to hold a greased weasel.

By the way, it's amusing when some of these self-proclaimed experts on social media (we're wrong because atheism, reasons and stuff) fuss about alleged quote mining, but admit that they have never heard of people important in the priesthood of evolutionism. One of these is George Wald.

I cited a famous quote by him where he admitted that he believed in spontaneous generation because he refused to believe in God. He freely confessed that there was no scientific evidence for his view. Atheopaths went ballistic when I posted it. Instead of challenging them like I pointed out earlier, I chose to defend my position. By writing it up with numerous supporting links, I made a resource for myself and others. I'll allow that the humiliation of my detractors was a bonus. Were there apologies to me? Not hardly!

Another famous quote statement against interest was from D.M.S Watson. He was a professor at University College London for thirty years. Watson was elementary about the lack of evidence for evolution, and that he chose something that had insufficient evidence rather than admit that God is the Creator. Darwin's cheerleaders make numerous claims against creationists who have the audacity to cite the quotation, including taking it out of context and asserting that Watson was a minor figure. The facts show otherwise — including the full context, how it was restated by Watson elsewhere, and that other evolutionists have said similar things.
Critics of creationism have attempted to negate the effect of a widely quoted admission that evolution is accepted, not because it has been documented to occur, but because the only alternative, special creation, is unacceptable to evolutionists. One claim is the author of this statement was an obscure professor, thus the quote carries little weight. Another claim is creationists have misquoted him. Both of these allegations were found to be false.

You can read the rest of the information at "One of the Most Widely Used Quotes by D. M. S. Watson Vindicated". Yippie ky yay, evolutionists!