Creation, the Fall, the Curse

As stated before, there are many models in creation science that come and go, but the foundation is the inerrant Word of God. Biblical creationists attempt to square their ideas with Scripture and science. They reason from the Bible, and one consideration is the condition of creation at the beginning.

There are differing speculations among creationists about the meaning of biblical texts regarding the state of creation. It was perfect, but some people read some idealism into it that was borrowed from the Greeks and not supported by the text.

Biblical creationists have ideas about the very good creation at the beginning, but some of these have no merit. The linked article discusses in depth.
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Some even think that there was no entropy before the Fall of Man and the Curse, but that idea does not fit with science or Scripture. Indeed, the Second Law of Thermodynamics had to be  in effect at the beginning for creation to even function. The Bible clearly indicates that the Fall and the Curse had definite physical effects on creation, and biblical creationists can study further on this.
In the metanarrative of Scripture, the entrance of sin into creation at the Fall is a pivotal event with cosmic implications. Thus, in seeking to interpret the natural world through the lens of Scripture, a correct understanding of the Fall and its effects on the physical creation is essential. Here we compile a review of the scriptural passages which describe these effects, with the goal of providing a concise and rigorous definition of the same. The relevant descriptive scriptural passages are assembled in four categories. Firstly, descriptive of creation in its original, pre-Fall state, highlighting the distinctions between that state and its present state. Secondly, descriptive of the Fall and subsequent Curse, focusing on the third chapter of Genesis. Thirdly, descriptive of creation in its present, post-Fall state, both in the Old and New Testaments. Fourthly, descriptive of the coming restoration of creation, understanding that creation will be restored to something akin to its original state. A definition of the effects of the Fall on the physical creation should include human death, predation (if not all animal death) at least in terrestrial and avian animals, physiological and behavioral changes in both plants and living creatures, and of the entire created order corruption.

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