The Truth about Vaccinations and Health

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

In 2019, there have been severe outbreaks of measles in the United States prompting official states of emergency in parts of New York and the State of Washington. Border guards are becoming infected by diseases carried by illegal aliens. There are many diseases that were considered under control or even eradicated, but there they are again. Part of the problem is the anti-vaccine movement.

The anti-vaccination movement is not only spreading, but has caused harm to other people. Many people who mean well and think rationally in other ways are drawn into this faulty idea.
Credit: Freeimages / Brian Hoskins
Although vaccines have kept people healthy and saved millions of lives, some people passionately resist using them. (Although atheists will ridicule some religious people and cultists who suffered the loss of a child because of this stance, it is not just a "theist" problem, as some atheists are also anti-vaxxers.) For some reason, the anti-vaxxer movement is growing despite science and common sense. Many proponents of this act like they are more intelligent and have higher moral standards than the rest of us, which makes no sense at all.

People get notions, and commence to finding dubious sources that support their views. There's a passel of anti-vaccination material on special sites and YouTube that may sound good, but are deceptive. Some of these people act like they have the moral high ground because they reject vaccinations, even though they are putting themselves, their children, and many other people at risk. There is a great deal of unbiblical pride in this movement, and some of its fans act like martyrs when their claims are refuted. There are also folks who believe that vaccinations are part of a strange government conspiracy. Oh, boy.

Unfortunately, some creationists have saddled up to ride with the anti-vaxxer brand. Some of them are very skilled at dismantling evolutionary, poor theological, and old earth arguments, but they don't seem to use those analytic skills in approaching anti-vaccination material. There was a recent article on a creationist site that bothered me, and I consulted Dr. Jonathan Sarfati who has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry and wrote the article featured below. He noted that the author was rather unskilled, and used an inaccurate graph by Children of God for Life. But if the author has an anti-vaccination view and the graph looks all sciencey and stuff, may as well use it, right? Not hardly! EDIT: I was informed that I missed the part where that author is anti-vaccination.

On a side note, some anti-creationists will claim that antibiotic resistance is proof of evolution, so that's why you have to get a flu shot every year. That's not evolution, pilgrim. Viruses are tricky things and can change quickly, but they remain viruses; no new genetic information is added. In addition, the evolutionary concept of spontaneous generation has been refuted, which has been a great benefit to medical science and the development of vaccines. Despite the numerous times that evolutionary thinking has hindered science, secularists are shooting themselves in the foot when they try to use evolutionary concepts for medical purposes. Darwin cannot help doctors, old son.

Although primarily intended for Christians, the main article linked below will be useful to anyone (even anti-creationists, if they can get past their genetic fallacy predispositions), and I hope you will keep the shortcut for reference. It deals with several misconceptions, answers questions, and refutes several falsehoods about vaccines.

Unfortunately, this excellent work is rather long, so I have a couple of suggestions. First, use an add-on or built in "reader view" (or similar name) so you're not staring at a monitor for all that time if you're not so inclined. I use free add-ons to send articles to my ebook reader (like this one, and another one that lets you save in different formats), then articles like this are available at your convenience. You can also convert it to a PDF for more convenient reading. Just suggesting.
As a biblical, scientific organization, we often get asked by inquirers about our position on a range of related issues. One such issue is vaccinations. We realize that for some this is a highly charged issue that can engender strong emotions. Unfortunately, there is much confusion and even emotion, even in Christian circles, as a result of misinformation that is proliferated on the Internet. Often, with Christians, much of the thinking is driven by well-meaning, but misapplied biblical statements and, in some cases, even conspiratorial (anti-government or anti-establishment) constructs—an area outside of CMI’s purview.
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It is a scientific and historical fact that vaccines have saved millions of lives. Thus, as a part of our duty of care for our staff and supporters, we should support medical treatments with a proven record of high safety and effectiveness.

To read the entire article, click on "CMI, vaccines, and vaccination". A related shorter article that deals a bit more with an issue raised is "Vaccines and abortion?" Finally, something I wrote that focuses on other aspects is "Vaccinations, 'Big Pharma', and Evolution".