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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Canaanite Genetics and the Bible

Although the Bible is completely accurate in everything it touches on, it has a strong emphasis in history. Archaeology has never contravened anything in it. Darwin's acolytes believe that if the ancient people of the Bible existed, they were stupid brutes.  This is false.

Scoffers denied the historicity and development of the Canaanites, but the Bible has been proven right. Also, their genetics thwart evolutionism.
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Secularists should cowboy up and stop denying that the Bible is right every time! (The secular science industry press humiliated themselves by trying to prove the Bible wrong about the Canaanites, but they only showed that the press are unwilling to do actual research.) These folks were intelligent and sophisticated (morally degenerate, however). Not only were they genetically distinct, but their genes live on, although admixed.
A new study finds that the the Canaanites before the Conquest were a distinct people, as the Bible says.
A gene study of ancient DNA from 73 individuals in 9 Bronze Age sites confirms that Canaanites were genetically distinct, yet became admixed with Hebrews after the Conquest. A press release reprinted by Science Daily says that Canaanites were culturally distinct as well, as the Bible describes them. Though genetically similar to Arabic and Jewish groups living in Israel today, the Canaanites had originally migrated to the Levant from distant lands to the east, who continued migrating into the area for centuries.
I'd be much obliged if you'd read the rest of the article by clicking on "Canaanites Were Genetically Distinct". There is also related news for you below.

The Old Testament records significant military action against a Canaanite city named Hazor. Secular mockers rejected the Bible's historical account because evolution, and because they refused to believe its accuracy. However, once again the doubters were proven wrong in many ways.
Hazor was an ancient city located in northern Israel. References to Hazor (also Chatsôr) appear in various periods of Old Testament history. It is first mentioned in the book of Joshua, under whose leadership the Israelites captured the city, burned it with fire, and killed its king (Joshua 11:10–11). By the time of Deborah and Barak, the Canaanites must have regained control of the city, because the Israelites once again defeated and killed the king of Hazor (Judges 4:24, refer 4:2). Unfortunately, many modern scholars insist that the Bible cannot be trusted in what it reports about these time periods. Yet, despite these critics, Hazor provides a wonderful illustration of how the biblical authors recorded history with remarkable accuracy.
You can read the rest of the article for old times' sake (history play on words intended) by clicking on "Canaanite Hazor—the Bible got it right! — Uncommon knowledge of the ancient city preserved in Scripture".

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Secular Scientists Baffled by Antarctic Rainforest

Antarctica should be predictable to secular scientists. Drill some ice cores, study penguins and such. Things like frog fossils, those five fossil forests, and so forth have been perplexing, however. A new discovery really puts burrs under uniformitarian saddles: remnants of a rain forest. How did that get there?

Another discovery in Antarctica has secular geologists puzzled. They cannot explain the existence of a rainforest there, but facts work with a creation science Flood model.
Photo courtesy of Ted Scambos and Rob Bauer,
National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado, Boulder
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The mosey-along-slowly processes of uniformitarianism are applied to plate tectonics, so plants that are doing right well further north are inexplicable to secular geologists. By taking the observed data and plugging in to a creation science Genesis Flood model, things make a heap more sense.
A recent study published in Nature has evolutionary scientists baffled. The researchers reportedly found an ancient rainforest in Antarctica, of all places. The study’s authors claim this part of Antarctica was very close to the South Pole at the time the forest thrived, at about 82° south latitude.
How could a temperate rainforest exist this close to the South Pole and survive four-plus months of total darkness each year? A biblical perspective solves this mystery.
You can read the rest of this reasonably short article by clicking on "Flood Model Solves Antarctica Rainforest Mystery".

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Evosplaining the Perplexing Tapir

There is a critter that could be filed as, "Something the Creator made to fluster scoffers", along with creatures like the pangolin, echidna, hoatzin bird, and others. The tapir confuses many people because it has characteristics reminiscent of several animals. It also thwarts particles-to-paleontologist evolution.

In life, the animal known as the tapir defies evolutionary classification. In fossils, it shows no change.
Credit: Unsplash / Dušan Smetana
Using circular reasoning and the scientific principle of "It sorta kinda resembles certain things", the tapir does not conveniently fit into categories. They evosplain it through failed attempts at homology, but alleged similarities plop onto the dusty trail as science advances. Saying that "it's primitive" and "it evolved" are not satisfying, old son.

While the tapir seems to be found mainly in the Southern Hemisphere, its fossils have been found on practically every continent. Darwin's deceivers cannot provide a rational analysis of the fossils, since there are no appreciable changes. One owlhoot claimed that it did all its evolving before the Eocene, implying that it happened after the fossil record. No, it was created recently to be what it is and to do what it does so well. No ad hoc evosplaining can change reality. You savvy that, pilgrim?
A Malayan tapir (Tapirus indicus) that escaped from the San Diego Zoo was recaptured a few days later when the Zoo “received a call from a woman shrieking into the phone that a ‘rhinoceros’ was loose in the sewer.”
The misidentification may be understandable, given many people have never seen a tapir (pronounced like ‘appear’, or less commonly, like ‘taper’ or even ‘tarp-ear’).
Tapirs have been mistaken for hippos, pigs, anteaters, even elephants, as well as rhinos. They have been described as being a “hodge-podge” of varying animal characteristics. In Thailand, the word for tapir is p’som-sett, meaning ‘mixed scraps’, a kitchen phrase referring to the tapir looking like a blend of parts left over from the creating of other animals.
To read the rest of this interesting article, click on this link with an enormous name, "The tapir".

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Still no Sign of Bat Evolution

It is supposed to be baseball season in some areas, so we can talk about bats. Well, not those bats. These are the flying mammals that some folks think look like rodents, and they do not move the needle on the cuddly meter. Evolutionists are attempting to salvage bad ideas about how they evolved.

Bats have been a serious problem for evolutionists for a long time. "Smithsonian" magazine tried to make excuses, but those are examined and rejected.
Flying fox (fruit bat) image credit: Morguefile / kconnors
Bats have been in the news because some folks think they're good eats (maybe getting diseases after eating them is a status symbol, I dunno). For a long time, Darwinoids have been striking out on bat evolution ideas. These creatures were obviously created to be distinct, and they have many characteristics that thwart taxonomy. Lots of bat species fluttering around, too. An article in Smithsonian tries to conjure up some rescuing devices, but these are examined and rejected.
I have been writing about many of evolutionists’ greatest puzzles for over a half-century, producing close to 1,500 publications. Now this puzzle has been added to my long list of evolutionary puzzles I have written about, including the evolution of just about every animal on planet Earth. The bat puzzle is a major problem for evolution because bats, unlike any other known life form, are unique as flying mammals. Just about every distinctive trait of bats is unique – so unique that it has been difficult for taxonomists to classify them. They are the only flying mammal. A flying squirrel only glides; it cannot fly. They not only fly like a bird, but walk like a penguin, and use radar (echolocation) like whales and dolphins. They can be very nasty and will bite to defend themselves. Most mammals (cats, dogs, bears, deer, sheep and all primates) are cute, or at least not ugly, but bats have a reputation of being one of the ugliest mammals alive. Most bats are nocturnal, and thus we don’t see bats very often because they usually fly around only at night. They hang out in dark attics, caves, and hollow trees during daylight hours.
You can finish the article by following the link to "Bat Evolution? Still Looking".

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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Evolution, Paganism, and Gender Confusion

Although real science affirms what most of us know (that men and women are different), there are some people who do not like their genders. In fact, new words have been manufactured to distinguish between sex (what you were born with) and gender (whatever way you identify yourself). Some people resent the way they were born and want to change (gender dysphoria). There are several causes.

Darwinists try to twist science to their advantage about differences between sexes, gender confusion has had influence from pagan concepts, and Christians need to deal with modern culture.
Credit: Pixnio / Bicanski
Although there are some strange twisting of science, critters know what they are and don't resent being male or female. It is politically and culturally incorrect to mention the fact that there are people who transitioned to having the appearance of the other sex and regretted it, but there are those who say, for example, "I am a woman trapped in a man's body!" — as if he would know. Research is showing that gender dysphoria has nothing to do with genetics or biology. And they have the nerve to call biblical creationists "science deniers"!

The differences between men and women are not only distinct, but important. We have some articles here for your education and edification, and the links contained herein (including that last link immediately above) may be useful resources for you.

The first article is a rather blunt rebuke to not only those who manipulate troubled people for leftist, but especially for Darwinists who attempt to work evolution into the fact that men and women are different. The first section is about upper body strength, but the evolutionists leave behind both science and logic to indulge in telling just-so stories.
Story about human sexual dimorphism backfires on Darwin, ricochets onto transgenders.
Men are better fist-fighters. So what else is new? What’s new is a new evolutionary tale that will make some culture warriors angry. This sexual-selection story came from Darwinians at the University of Utah:
To read the rest of our first installment, click on "Punching Darwin’s Lights Out". Next we'll look at one of the basic causes of gender confusion.

The ideal at creation was one man and one woman in marriage. After the Fall (Genesis 3:1-24), not only did genetic degradation begin, but people also decided that they didn't see fit to obey God's created order. Some people today hate God so much, they want to destroy marriage.

Used under Fair Use provisions for educational purposes (click for larger)
Stay with me on this because it will be a mite startling. Paganism waned, but assorted versions and neo-Paganism began to rise, as seen in 1960s philosophies, the New Age, and other notions becoming more common today.  Indeed, evolution is an ancient pagan religious view, so it is not surprising to see evolutionary concepts in various "causes" in modern society. This ties in with how modern pagan ideas are found in the transgender movement!
For much of the twentieth century, the western world lived under the umbrella of the Christian worldview. People, even though they may not have been Christian, generally built their presuppositions about the world on the Christian worldview. For example, marriage would have been rightfully understood to be one man and woman united in a lifelong covenant under God (see Matthew 19:3–9). However, the western world now rejects the idea that there is one eternal, true, and living creator God who has revealed himself to his creation and defined what morality, marriage, and sexuality is. While many things have no doubt helped erode the Christian worldview in the west, there can be no doubt that the Darwinian revolution that began in the 1800s paved the way for the sexual revolution that took place in the 1960s.1 Today, we are seeing the fruit of the sexual revolution reaped in western culture as many of the radicals of the 1960s have long occupied influential places in government, universities, and media and have used these platforms to spread their worldview. In our modern western culture, the twisted and corrupt changes that are taking place display themselves in the following behaviors (among others):
You can read the rest of the article by clicking on "Paganism and the Transsexual Revolution". Next, we'll take a look at how to respond to gender confusion in our culture.

While it is easy to put folly on display when dealing with political activists, Darwin science twisters, and those who want to jump on the latest bandwagon of rebellion, we need to remember that there are also people who are genuinely hurting and need compassion. We also have some difficult maneuvering because we don't want to compromise on the truth but still have to live in a culture that has strong pagan leanings.
No issue has more exposed our fundamental divide than that of transgenderism, the view that some people are born in the wrong body, essentially, and so must take action to bring out their true “gender identity.” Said differently, those who advocate the acceptance of transgender humanity believe that a girl can be trapped in a boy’s body—and vice versa—and thus should take steps to change their body so that it accurately reflects who they truly are.
. . . 
In an age like this, what should Christians do? More to the point: As debates over the nature of humanity rage, what should Christians say? Here are three basic points to guide believers who wish to speak the truth about the creative order and human design in a confused society and a rebellious age.
To read this article in its entirety (or listen to the audio version, I did that three times), click on "Gender in our Culture—Cutting Through the Chaos". Christians also may appreciate this sermon by Dr. Richard Mohler, free to listen online or download the MP3 (I recommend downloading, it's a mite long) titled "What Does Scripture Say about Gender?" We have one more article to consider, plus a podcast.

A plain reading of Scripture makes it obvious that God identifies himself as male. However, there are a few renegade scholars who try to tell us that this is strictly metaphorical, and they cherry-pick some verses and indulge in eisegesis to support their views while leaving out important material that does not fit their agendas. There is even a feminist Bible that turns Scripture inside out! Ironically, since God self-identifies as male, these social justice warriors are misgendering God! This article is rather deep, but it should prove to be a helpful resource when dealing with erroneous notions about God.
These days, the issues of gender and sexuality are very controversial, particularly in Western societies. Steadily, over a number of decades, the traditional perspective has been undermined. We have now reached the point where the current politically correct stance, under the guise of tolerance for all, has become emboldened in its cause and is hostile to any challenge. (In other words, modern ‘tolerance’ has, ironically, become intolerant of all but its own viewpoint.) Thus, we have seen a major retail store willing to place female shoppers at risk of potential sexual predators and voyeurs—and consequently to drive away a significant number of customers and to lose profit—solely to promote the cause of transgenderism and gender fluidity. We have seen a young Christian baker in Northern Ireland condemned in court, simply for refusing to bake a cake that would promote same-sex marriage. We have seen the publication of “gender-friendly” translations of the Bible, even one in which God is presented as female (see below).
To see the entire article, click on "Does God Have A Gender? — A Biblical Response to the Gender of God".

Finally, a podcast by Dr. R. Albert Mohler on the disastrous ruling by the United States Supreme Court.
Part I: The Flawed Legal Logic in Yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision on LGBTQ and Discrimination

Part II: What Is the Proper Role of the Supreme Court? Hint: It’s Not What It Did Yesterday — Legislate

Part III Textualism? Originalism? Strict Constructionism? The Differences in the Terms Really Matter
To listen or download the MP3 (the transcript was not yet added at this writing), click on "Tuesday, June 16, 2020".

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Kabwe 1 Skull and Redating Human Evolution Again

Proponents of universal common descent have a difficult job, since they have to continually redate various various aspects of evolution. Especially when it comes to humans. Well, if accuracy and results are not that important, it is steady work. For example, the Kabwe 1 from Zambia, H. heidelbergensis.

The skull known as Kabwe 1 has flustered evolutionists for about 100 years. Changes in dating wreak havoc to the evolutionary timeline.
Kabwe 1 skull cast image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Gunnar Creutz (CC BY-SA 4.0)
The skull is thought to be part of an "archaic human" subspecies, H. heidelbergensis, and related to H. erectus, which was an ancient human that has been found in many places. For that matter, the Kabew 1 skull is from Zambia, but its relatives were found in Heidelberg. Ancient humans moved around and spread out quite a bit, and didn't even use private jets. The reason this skull (which has been around for about a hundred years) is garnering attention is because the date has been reassessed, and that in turn is causing problems for the human evolution timeline. These problems keep happening to folks who deny the truth of recent creation. Adam and Eve were our ancestors, not something descended from apelike critters.

We have two articles for your perusal. Similar, but they have different areas of emphasis. This first one discusses the problems of dating methods. These are based on presuppositions of deep time and naturalism, but the methods themselves are fundamentally flawed.
Christopher G. asked about a revised date published in April 2020 for the Broken Hill Skull found in Zambia in 1921. He referred to a report from Gizmodo magazine “Humanity’s Origin Story Just Got More Complicated”
. . .
Christopher’s question was, “Why does an archaeological sample provide different dates through uranium dating. And why was the ‘thin mineral coating’, briefly mentioned in the article, responsible for a such a revised date?” Please help.
CMI’s geologist Dr Tasman Walker responded (edited for the web):
. . .
The issue of dating is confusing to many people because they do not appreciate that researchers can essentially get any ‘date’ they like depending on what sort of date they are looking for. The dates they obtain depend on the samples they select, the sort of sample processing they undertake, the dating methods they use, and the way they interpret the results. And of course, that is all very much driven by their belief system, or worldview.
You can read the full, uncut version of the article by clicking on "Dating Kabwe 1, the Broken Hill skull from Zambia — Why is Homo heidelbergensis so much younger than previously thought?" Remember to come back for the next one!

The Kabwe skull is rather complete, but it has been the subject of controversy since its discovery. The dating wreaks havoc with human evolution because of the alleged sequence of ancestors. Instead, they were contemporaries. Heads will roll.

"I hope that's the last joke, Cowboy Bob."

Reckon so. Let's move on.
“Fossil Skull Casts Doubt over Modern Human Ancestry”
. . . 
This headline above was not from a creationist-friendly publication but, to the contrary, was from a pro-evolution publication. It illustrates what creationists have been saying for decades: that to many scientists, human evolution has become a so-called scientific consensus that is not to be doubted, even when the facts contradict it. The result is that scientists, the courts, academia, the media, and even many, or even most, clergy and Christian colleges are on the side of evolution. What we have on our (the anti-evolutionism) side are the facts, and this is yet another article in a scientific publication that shows the persistence of belief in evolution in spite of the facts.
To finish reading, click on "Kabwe Skull Casts Doubt on Human Evolution". Yippie ky yay, secularists!

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Four Short Dinosaur Articles

With an abundance of material, I thought it best to combine links to these articles into one post. Each of these is a quick read but they have some interesting information about how paleontologists are baffled by new discoveries — including how one fossil blatantly defies deep-time reckoning.

Several difficulties that secular paleontologists have in dealing with dinosaur classification are best explained by creation and the Genesis Flood.
Credit: Pixabay / GeorgeB2
Our first entry is about sex. Katie, bar the door! Just kidding. It's more about how difficult it is to determine the sex of dinosaurs. There have been many speculations over the years, but it's mighty difficult when all you have are bone fragments and fossils (reasonably complete skeletons are rare). Since paleontologists agree that dinosaurs were probably reptiles, perhaps a comparison with existing reptiles could help. Seems reasonable.
Recently, a new study led by Queen Mary University of London concluded that dinosaur bones tell us little about their sexes. In the past, secular scientists have made various claims about the ability to make sex determinations in dinosaurs. Most concluded that female predatory dinosaurs (theropods like T. rex) were likely larger than males. However, that appears to be unsubstantiated by the actual data.
This new study examined living reptiles to see if their bones alone could determine the sex of the animal. The research team worked with gharials, an endangered crocodilian species.
To finish reading this first short subject, click on "We Still Can’t Determine the Sex of Dinosaurs". Don't forget to come back for the second piece.

It may come as a shock to some folks, but dinosaur movies are not exactly documentaries. Why should they be? People are watching terrible lizard chomp fests for entertainment, and the movie makers want to make money. If you think about it a spell, unless something can be demonstrated to be wrong, the writers' and directors' guesses are just as valid as those of the experts.

Those shows depict dinosaurs like the Velociraptor as large, cunning hunters that worked in groups. Well, the actual Velociraptor of the fossil record were not to be feared; they were the size of chickens, so one good kick and you're home free. Once again, examining the habits of modern reptiles as well as examining isotopes in fossil teeth, gives researchers reasons to believe that dinosaurs were solitary creatures.
A new study published in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology has found that the behavior of dinosaurs in movies is not very accurate at all. This should come as no surprise because many movies portray dinosaurs as bigger, faster, and smarter than they likely were in life. In fact, most dinosaurs in movies are more fantasy than reality.
In fact, lead author Joseph Frederickson from the University of Wisconsin's Weis Earth Science Museum has found the hunting behavior of theropod dinosaurs, like the Velociraptor, more likely hunted alone rather than in packs like many movies portray. He added:
You can find out more by clicking on "Dinosaur 'Raptors' Likely Hunted Alone". That's two short subjects, two more to go.

Lately, we've been seeing reports about the comparisons of feet and legs between humans and apes, and learned that the stiffness of the human foot and the lack of it in apes further confounds evolutionists. A good deal of information can be determined from the structure of dinosaur legs as well. The Creator designed some critters to be runners, some to be walkers. Looks like the Tyrant Lizard King was not going to chase down your jeep as you drove off.
A new study published in the journal PLOS ONE has found that T. rex had legs made more for walking, rather than running. Their long legs were well designed for sustained foraging.

T. Alexander Dececchi (from the Department of Biology, Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota) and colleagues from several institutions began their article by stating,
Limb length, cursoriality and speed have long been areas of significant interest in theropod [meat-eater] paleobiology, since locomotory capacity, especially running ability, is critical in the pursuit of prey and to avoid becoming prey.
However, their current study revealed that long leg length in large dinosaurs does not necessarily equate to high running speeds.
To finish our third short article, click on "T. rex Had Legs Designed for Walking". Our final installment is problematic for evolutionists.

Your average evolution devotee believes that fossils are in an orderly progression from simple organisms to complex. However, that's the sanitized version. To look at the bigger picture, fossils appear out of order, in the "wrong" places entirely, and this dinosaur had some traits that don't fit the narrative. If naturalists would drop their preconceptions and examine creation science models, they would see that the Genesis Flood is the best explanation for the observed evidence.
A new study published in the journal Gondwana Research has identified a rather out-of-place bone from a theropod dinosaur called an elaphrosaur that apparently didn’t eat meat. In fact, it was toothless. Adding to the mystery, it was found in rocks thought by secular scientists to be 40 million years too young. Furthermore, the dinosaur was found in a location that is claimed to have been close to the South Pole. Something doesn’t add up.

The new dinosaur bone was found in 2015 near Cape Otway, Victoria, in southeastern Australia by a volunteer named Jessica Parker. It was identified as a vertebra from an elaphrosaur, or “light-footed reptile,” and is the first of this kind of dinosaur found in Australia. This group of dinosaurs fall in the ceratosaur category of theropod dinosaurs, having similarities with Dilophosaurus, a Jurassic dinosaur common in the Western USA.
To reach the startling conclusion of our quartet of short articles, click on "New Australian Dinosaur Surprises Evolutionists".

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