Canaanite Genetics and the Bible

Although the Bible is completely accurate in everything it touches on, it has a strong emphasis in history. Archaeology has never contravened anything in it. Darwin's acolytes believe that if the ancient people of the Bible existed, they were stupid brutes.  This is false.

Scoffers denied the historicity and development of the Canaanites, but the Bible has been proven right. Also, their genetics thwart evolutionism.
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Secularists should cowboy up and stop denying that the Bible is right every time! (The secular science industry press humiliated themselves by trying to prove the Bible wrong about the Canaanites, but they only showed that the press are unwilling to do actual research.) These folks were intelligent and sophisticated (morally degenerate, however). Not only were they genetically distinct, but their genes live on, although admixed.
A new study finds that the the Canaanites before the Conquest were a distinct people, as the Bible says.
A gene study of ancient DNA from 73 individuals in 9 Bronze Age sites confirms that Canaanites were genetically distinct, yet became admixed with Hebrews after the Conquest. A press release reprinted by Science Daily says that Canaanites were culturally distinct as well, as the Bible describes them. Though genetically similar to Arabic and Jewish groups living in Israel today, the Canaanites had originally migrated to the Levant from distant lands to the east, who continued migrating into the area for centuries.
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The Old Testament records significant military action against a Canaanite city named Hazor. Secular mockers rejected the Bible's historical account because evolution, and because they refused to believe its accuracy. However, once again the doubters were proven wrong in many ways.
Hazor was an ancient city located in northern Israel. References to Hazor (also Chatsôr) appear in various periods of Old Testament history. It is first mentioned in the book of Joshua, under whose leadership the Israelites captured the city, burned it with fire, and killed its king (Joshua 11:10–11). By the time of Deborah and Barak, the Canaanites must have regained control of the city, because the Israelites once again defeated and killed the king of Hazor (Judges 4:24, refer 4:2). Unfortunately, many modern scholars insist that the Bible cannot be trusted in what it reports about these time periods. Yet, despite these critics, Hazor provides a wonderful illustration of how the biblical authors recorded history with remarkable accuracy.
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