Still no Sign of Bat Evolution

It is supposed to be baseball season in some areas, so we can talk about bats. Well, not those bats. These are the flying mammals that some folks think look like rodents, and they do not move the needle on the cuddly meter. Evolutionists are attempting to salvage bad ideas about how they evolved.

Bats have been a serious problem for evolutionists for a long time. "Smithsonian" magazine tried to make excuses, but those are examined and rejected.
Flying fox (fruit bat) image credit: Morguefile / kconnors
Bats have been in the news because some folks think they're good eats (maybe getting diseases after eating them is a status symbol, I dunno). For a long time, Darwinoids have been striking out on bat evolution ideas. These creatures were obviously created to be distinct, and they have many characteristics that thwart taxonomy. Lots of bat species fluttering around, too. An article in Smithsonian tries to conjure up some rescuing devices, but these are examined and rejected.
I have been writing about many of evolutionists’ greatest puzzles for over a half-century, producing close to 1,500 publications. Now this puzzle has been added to my long list of evolutionary puzzles I have written about, including the evolution of just about every animal on planet Earth. The bat puzzle is a major problem for evolution because bats, unlike any other known life form, are unique as flying mammals. Just about every distinctive trait of bats is unique – so unique that it has been difficult for taxonomists to classify them. They are the only flying mammal. A flying squirrel only glides; it cannot fly. They not only fly like a bird, but walk like a penguin, and use radar (echolocation) like whales and dolphins. They can be very nasty and will bite to defend themselves. Most mammals (cats, dogs, bears, deer, sheep and all primates) are cute, or at least not ugly, but bats have a reputation of being one of the ugliest mammals alive. Most bats are nocturnal, and thus we don’t see bats very often because they usually fly around only at night. They hang out in dark attics, caves, and hollow trees during daylight hours.
You can finish the article by following the link to "Bat Evolution? Still Looking".