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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Evolutionists Evading Soft Tissues — Part 2

Let me wish you a happy Cosmonautics Day. Oh, wait. This is about debunking evolution and affirming creation science. Still, the first human in space was a noteworthy event.

In our last exciting episode, we saw that the hands at the Darwin Ranch are busy forging excuses for more soft tissues. When unbelievable, science-denying rescuing devices are ineffective, they use an emergency exit: ignore the difficulties.

Evolutionists deny science by ignoring facts about fossils

Excellent preservation of a Cretaceous Confuciusornis confuses evolutionists, so they ignore the fact that the detail cannot happen in their paradigm. Instead, they talk about bird evolution. But they have nothing there, either. The same kind of thing happened with the Eoconfuciusornis discovery, another excellent and detailed fossil. Just ignore the problems. Oh, by the way, they're still scrapping over the amber and dinosaur tail thing, too. Settle down, Earth is not as old as you want to believe. It was created much more recently.
Unrepentant over extreme falsification, evolutionary paleontologists are just taking it for granted that soft tissue can survive millions of years.

Scientists have reported soft tissues from the lower hindlimb of a Cretaceous bird. Writing in Nature Communications, Jiang et al. say,
Nope, to find out what is being said, and more details about the items mentioned above, click on "More Soft Tissue Found in Cretaceous Fossil Bird". Hey, got a bonus for y'all: further deep-time follies with "Tick Talk: Mammal Blood Found in Amber".

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Evolutionists Evading Soft Tissues — Part 1

Advances in science and technology should have helped evolutionary science, but instead, they have benefited biblical creation science instead. Howls of outrage from the hands at the Darwin Ranch echoed all over Deception Pass when dinosaur soft tissues were discovered. Now the gang has to put in overtime at the excuse foundry because more soft tissues are being discovered. Things got worse.

Corythosaurus, dinosaur soft tissues defy evolution

Evolutionists force themselves to deny science in order to maintain their narratives. Scientists have shown that soft tissues, proteins, blood cells and the like cannot last for so many zillion Darwin years. Excuses are forged, but the facts are right there in front of them. The most painful fact (for them) is that scientific evidence does not support long ages or evolution, but it does support special creation. Evolutionists are science deniers.
A lready in 2017, secular scientists have described some stunning original biochemicals in fossil bones. Two new finds reignite vigorous debate over the nature of the protein remnants—are they true organic remains, some form of contamination, the result of a strange preservation process, or what?
To keep reading something that anti-creationists detest, click on "Stunning Protein Fossils Confirm the Flood". Also, Part 2 is here.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

What is the Spleen?

We've examined the heart, eye, brain, appendix — may as well add the spleen to this organ recital. Ever heard the expression about venting one's spleen? Way back in the old days, it was considered the source of anger, so expressing rage was "venting" the spleen. (Anti-creationists do this frequently when presented with the truth of creation and refutation of scum-to-sculptor evolution.) Odd how that "medical" view of the spleen persisted for quite a spell, but all we have left of that now is a strange phrase. In reality, though, the spleen is quite important.

Credit: National Institutes of Health
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This smallish organ is not something people tend to hear about all that often. Perhaps it's because if it has to be removed, it's not a death sentence. The spleen is quite important in filtering blood and doing other functions that our Creator saw fit to have installed in mammals.
The spleen! . . . What’s the spleen?

That might be how most people respond to any mention of this organ in our body. While most people have heard of the spleen, few could tell you what it does or even where it’s located.

That’s a pity since the spleen is an amazing organ that clearly shows the wisdom and handiwork of our Creator. (Although the spleen serves some very important functions, when necessary we can live without it—thanks to our accommodating liver.)
Let me spleen — I mean, explain — how to read the rest of the article. Just click on "The Mysterious Spleen", by Dr. David Menton.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Making Zombies with Evolutionary Research

The concept of minerals-to-millwright evolution has grown quite a bit. Yes, it certainly gruesome.

"Not funny, Cowboy Bob!"

Well, sorta. Anyway, the situation for science itself, especially historical science like evolution, is quite grave. One way for a researcher to give the impression that research has credibility is to give references to other research. Unfortunately, this give an impression of life for something that should have remained buried.

Evolutionary science research makes its own de facto zombies
Image from Clker clipart
New papers are being presented, reviewed, and passed that perpetuate myths. They reference outdated and even bad research that has gone before, keeping the mythology alive — it makes de facto zombies. Part of the problem is in academic and research environments that require publishing. In addition, there are many papers to be reviewed that include numerous references, and those can go without scrutiny. It also helps the unscrupulous gain personal advantages.These factors can help perpetuate evolutionary mythology and reinforce false naturalistic views that deny the work of the Creator.
Most scientific papers contain numerous references. Rather than enhancing scholarship, careless referencing can sometimes advance zombie science.

Some theories deserve a quiet death. Unfortunately, they are kept on life support by the common practice of referencing in journal papers. Dead ideas re-emerge as zombies, parading around as if they never really died.

A typical paper contains dozens—sometimes hundreds—of references. It’s doubtful any one author or co-author takes the time to read them all. Perhaps that boring task gets delegated to grad students or contributing authors. Is it possible, too, under the pressure of publish-or-perish deadlines, that scientists pad the references to impress editors? It can work like name-dropping, giving the appearance of reputation without the reality.
You can dig the rest of the article by clicking on "Scientific Referencing Perpetuates Myths". Also, check out "Scientists Blind to Their Failings".

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Parrots Present a Passel of Perplexities for Evolution Proponents

Those who believe in baryon-to-bird evolution are adept at telling stories around the campfire and making assertions, but dreadful at providing actual scientific explanations or believable models. Many "explanations" can be summed up as, "EvolutionDidIt". The group — actually, the order — to which parrots belong even stumps the storytellers.

Parrots present a passel of problems for evolutionists
Credit: Morguefile / pdell
Darwinists want to find the nearest common ancestor of parrots, but can only throw around a few guesses. But more than that, parrots have unique features that other birds do not possess. Clearly, parrots were a specially created kind, and that is a good reason evolutionists fail in their speculations.
The parrot family is one big family, say biologists. Well, technically an order, the Order Psittaciformes, comprising over 80 recognized genera and hundreds of different species . . . Their shared distinctive characteristics . . . the parrots are readily distinguishable from all other orders of birds.

Evolutionists have a problem, however. They can’t find the parrot’s closest relative. Sure, there have been plenty of suggestions over the years, citing as evidence one or a few shared physical characteristics . . . But as the arguments for or against these and other candidates for the parrot’s closest relative have raged, and biologists turned to new tools such as molecular and genetic studies, more “contradictory results” were reported, generating further confusion.
To read the article in its entirety, click on "Parrot puzzle — Where are the missing relatives?"

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Earth Got Its Water

When we hear about searches for life on other planets, whether in our solar system or out there thataway in some other system, the key word is often habitable. What makes a planet habitable? A spaceship-load of conditions have to be met that imply that a planet could have usable water. 

Materialists ideas of Earth oceans formation fail
Credit: Morguefile / kconnors
Today, we have similar news from two different angles. The first linked article is more in depth. Yes, I made a water joke there.

Evolutionary views of where Earth's water came from have constantly failed, so the concepts that have the fewest flaws seem to become dominant when others are discredited. Notice that we got us a wet one here? Since secularists presuppose that the solar system was all hot molten stuff that became the sun and planets through accretion, there's no place for water. It had to get here somehow, so they came up with comets and things. Yes, really. But evolutionists are drying up that idea, and admitting that the water comes from Earth itself. Isn't that what we read in Genesis? For that matter, scoffers ask, "Where is the water from the Genesis Flood?" It's still here.
“Planet Earth makes its own water from scratch deep in the mantle” was the article headline in the January 27, 2017, New Scientist’s Daily News.

It is ironic that secularist scientists are still seeking to explain where the Earth’s water came from. For many years now they have endeavored to fill in the difficult-to-explain pieces of their “story” about how our home Earth “just happened” to become so habitable for life over the course of its supposed billions-of-years history.

Secularists believe the Earth condensed from clumpy matter flung out of the solar nebula 4.56 or so billion years ago. It was thus originally a hot molten blob that cooled. They used to suggest that most of the water came from inside this cooling Earth, but not enough to fill the oceans we have on the Earth’s surface today. A once popular theory was that comets (which are essentially large, dirty snowballs) collided with the Earth and deposited their water on its surface.
To read the rest of this first article, click on "From Where Did the Earth’s Water Come?". The next article is below.

Although secular scientists are finding out that their water from space conjectures do not work, they still like to spin yarns and pretend that Earth and the solar system are billions of years old. Nope. It was created with the water, and the evidence is showing this fact but they won't give the Creator the credit. Another bit of speculation was floated for approval.
The divination experts see a new vision emerging from meteorites, portending disaster.

If there was ever a coherent theory of how the earth got its oceans, it’s gone. The new reading of meteorites forbids it. Now, inventors of solar system models have to go back to square one. Whatever they come up with is bound to take more heat.

Because the early earth was pictured to be molten with volcanoes going off and meteors hitting repeatedly, cosmogonists were forced into thinking that water arrived later. The ‘late veneer’ theory (which we call the ‘water balloon’ theory) claimed that the oceans were late arrivals, the water being delivered by comets and meteorites after things cooled down a bit.

For empirical support, they appealed to elements in chondritic meteorites, believing that elements embedded in the stones can act as “fingerprints” of conditions at the time of their formation. A new paper in Nature, however, claims that stable isotopes of ruthenium falsify the late veneer theory: “these data refute an outer Solar System origin for the late veneer and imply that the late veneer was not the primary source of volatiles and water on the Earth.” Moreover, these isotopes don’t match those in earth’s crust.  
To read the rest of this second article, click on "Secular Ocean Theory Evaporates". 

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Paleontologists Show a Squid is Still a Squid

In their ongoing efforts to provide evidence for common-ancestor evolution, paleontologists and evolutionary biologists have something to tell all y'all: it's a squid. Yep, a well-preserved fossil that was dated at several million Darwin years is the same as modern squid. That is, a living fossil.

Squid fossil shows little difference from modern squid
Jewel squid image credit: Mike Vecchione, NMFS/NOAA
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Living fossils are annoying to evolutionists because there is no sign of something becoming something else over alleged long ages. Still, these owlhoots commence to doing misleading storytelling. They include definitive scientific term probably, and use a passel of assumptions. Circular reasoning is helpful, too. Problem is, Darwinoids grab this stuff as actual science and then spread it around. The logical conclusion is that such evolution did not, does not happen, and the evidence shows special creation instead.
A recent science news article sheds light on the amazing squid, but definitely not on its supposed evolution or origin. Creation scientists maintain squid have always been squid, and science bears this out with a new and highly detailed squid fossil. The article states the fossil is "exceptionally preserved." Clearly the reason for the exceptional formation and preservation of the squid's fragile body in this fossil is due to an obvious rapid and catastrophic burial. A flood of biblical proportions comes to mind.
To read the rest of this short article, click on "The Fascinating Squid".

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