Parrots Present a Passel of Perplexities for Evolution Proponents

Those who believe in baryon-to-bird evolution are adept at telling stories around the campfire and making assertions, but dreadful at providing actual scientific explanations or believable models. Many "explanations" can be summed up as, "EvolutionDidIt". The group — actually, the order — to which parrots belong even stumps the storytellers.

Parrots present a passel of problems for evolutionists
Credit: Morguefile / pdell
Darwinists want to find the nearest common ancestor of parrots, but can only throw around a few guesses. But more than that, parrots have unique features that other birds do not possess. Clearly, parrots were a specially created kind, and that is a good reason evolutionists fail in their speculations.
The parrot family is one big family, say biologists. Well, technically an order, the Order Psittaciformes, comprising over 80 recognized genera and hundreds of different species . . . Their shared distinctive characteristics . . . the parrots are readily distinguishable from all other orders of birds.

Evolutionists have a problem, however. They can’t find the parrot’s closest relative. Sure, there have been plenty of suggestions over the years, citing as evidence one or a few shared physical characteristics . . . But as the arguments for or against these and other candidates for the parrot’s closest relative have raged, and biologists turned to new tools such as molecular and genetic studies, more “contradictory results” were reported, generating further confusion.
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