Evolutionists Evading Soft Tissues — Part 1

Advances in science and technology should have helped evolutionary science, but instead, they have benefited biblical creation science instead. Howls of outrage from the hands at the Darwin Ranch echoed all over Deception Pass when dinosaur soft tissues were discovered. Now the gang has to put in overtime at the excuse foundry because more soft tissues are being discovered. Things got worse.

Corythosaurus, dinosaur soft tissues defy evolution

Evolutionists force themselves to deny science in order to maintain their narratives. Scientists have shown that soft tissues, proteins, blood cells and the like cannot last for so many zillion Darwin years. Excuses are forged, but the facts are right there in front of them. The most painful fact (for them) is that scientific evidence does not support long ages or evolution, but it does support special creation. Evolutionists are science deniers.
A lready in 2017, secular scientists have described some stunning original biochemicals in fossil bones. Two new finds reignite vigorous debate over the nature of the protein remnants—are they true organic remains, some form of contamination, the result of a strange preservation process, or what?
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