Evolution and Willing Deception

Laypeople who are devout evolutionists are a gullible lot. That's right, I said it! Especially the ones who troll the Internet, looking to harass non-believers. Their sources of information include outdated textbooks (where the alleged "ancestors" of man that have been discredited, reclassified, revealed as outright fakes and so forth), popular evolutionary propaganda sites and publications that only reveal the acceptable side, as well as their own willingness to be deceived.

I have received comments about this site being "wrong". Why is it wrong? Because some wandering evolutionist fundamentalist said so. (Even more interesting is when a fellow told me that the article that I linked was completely wrong. It turns out the link was broken; he had never read it! On Twitter, this is an example of #Liar4Darwin.) Most of the time, these pop evolution propaganda readers only bolster their emotional reactions and enthusiasm, but not actual science learning. They certainly do not know facts contrary to evolution.

We all have the same facts, the same evidence. But we also have our worldviews by which we interpret the evidence. That is why it is so difficult to convince an evolutionist of anything, because his or her mind is already closed and unwilling to rearrange a belief system.
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They are willingly deceived. Why? They haven't bothered to examine actual evidence against evolution and for creation, evolutionism is their religion, evolution is the cornerstone of the religion of atheism, emotional attachments, intellectual laziness, intellectual dishonesty — all kinds of possibilities. At any rate, they feel threatened by the truth (hence the pa-TROLL-ing of the Internet and the anti-creation and anti-Christian action campaigns).

What is this evolution doctrine which inspires so much faith in its disciples? How has it turned great scientists into dogmatic opponents of any other viewpoint? Many evolutionary scientists have united their professional influence to forbid any classroom instruction contrary to their own views. Does the theory of evolution merit this kind of fanatical support, which would silence all opposing ideas? When religious people take such a position, they are called bigots, but scientists seem to escape that charge. In February of 1977, nearly 200 members of the nation's academic community sent letters to school boards across the United States, urging that no alternate ideas on origins be permitted in classrooms. 
This indicates that the evolutionists are feeling the threat of a rising revolt against the stereotyped, contradictory versions of their theory. Many students are looking for honest answers to their questions about the origin and purpose of life. For the first time, the stale traditions of evolution are having to go on the defensive. But let's take a look at what they have to defend. Then you will understand why these evolutionary scientists are people of such extraordinary faith, and why they are so fearful of facing competition at the school level.

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