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Monday, January 30, 2012

Paleoenvironments and Worldviews

Creationists are accused of being biased when interpreting data. Surprise! So are secular scientists. Since I learned that no scientist is completely neutral and objective (being human and all that), I see this basic fact reinforced over and over. Here is an example:
Dr Kathleen Benison, geologist at Central Michigan University, USA, writes in response to Michael Oard’s article Beware of paleoenvironmental deductions (1999). Dr Benison was the principal author of the study that Michael Oard was commenting on, and this exchange presents a penetrating look at the influence of worldview on how geology is interpreted.
Dr Benison writes:
No, to see what Dr. Benison writes, and Dr. Oard's response, read the rest of "Paleoenvironments and the Bible, The role of assumptions and worldview in geological interpretation" here.

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