More Peer Review Club Action

"Peer Review", the convenient cop-out for evolutionists to dodge actually examining the evidence for creation and Intelligent Design. Sure, let's submit creationist material to evolutionists for their opinions. Makes perfect sense. Yes, the biased "good old boys" club that promotes favorites and suppresses those who are not exactly on the inside track.

Bad news, Buford: Non-evolutionists have peer review as well. But it does not meet your presuppositions. Hey, want an example of what happens when...?
What happens when an editor of a technical biology journal decides, along with others, to publish the first peer-reviewed technical article that casts doubt on Darwin and lays out the evidence for an intelligent designer? 
In the case of Richard Sternberg, a Smithsonian research associate and former managing editor of the independent journal called the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, it meant being cast out of the prestigious Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Shortly after publishing the article ‘The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories,’ senior scientists at the Smithsonian Institution lashed out at Sternberg, calling him a ‘shoddy scientist’ and a ‘closet Bible thumper,’ according to a Washington Post article (August 19). 
In August 2004, news agencies around the world reported on the controversy as Sternberg came under intense scrutiny and even persecution for publishing the article written by Stephen Meyer, a Discovery Institute fellow.
If you have the nerve, you can read the rest of "The Smithsonian / Sternberg controversy: Cast doubt on Darwin, get cast out" here.