Lack of Evidence for Evolution is Fishy

The faith of the evolutionist is amazing. This faith is based on their uniformitarian materialistic worldview, so it is difficult to show them that their presuppositions and, therefore, their explanations are faulty.
Since many people have blind faith in scientism ("Maybe someday scientists will find an answer for our questions, but they're scientists, so they must be right"), it is difficult to get them to use their God-given thinking parts. They should be asking questions instead. Where is the evidence of this alleged evolution — really?

It seem to me that common sense should be an enemy of evolutionism. When we are told that something evolved an amazingly unique capability, we should not have to suspend our disbelief so we can accept "what scientists say".

Here is an example:

An international team of biologists recently reported on the supposed evolution of sound production in perch-like fishes. Researchers know that some fish cause their swimbladders to vibrate by using unique superfast muscles that produce, for example, courtship calls. How did these special muscles originate?
In a study appearing in the November 29, 2011, issue of the journal Frontiers in Zoology, researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University, the National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan, and the Université de Liège in Belgium compared supposed minor structural changes in the fish to the unobserved (but assumed) macroevolution—one kind changing into another kind—of whales from terrestrial animals and birds from reptiles.
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