K-T Boundary and Dinosaur Extinction?

Here is a creationist discussion about dinosaur extinction. Did the K-T Boundary spell the end of the dinosaurs? What about that meteorite impact that some scientists believe caused their extinction? Perhaps it had something to do with the Global Flood.
Reuters has reported that a panel of 41 scientists, presumably in lab coats and hailing from Europe, the United States, Mexico, Canada and Japan, have finally identified the smoking gun behind the extinction of the dinosaurs. Sorting through 20 years worth of research, the panel decreed that a giant asteroid 9 miles wide pounding into the Earth at  Chicxulubi is the only – I repeat – “only plausible explanation” for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Glad that’s settled.
Well, pretty much. And only if you ignore the other theories that have been proposed over the years: that the dinosaurs died because it was too dry, too cold, too hot, too wet. That flowering plants didn’t provide adequate nutrition for the dinosaurs or just didn’t set too well with them. Or pesky poisonous bugs [insects or germs, your pick] got them. Or somebody [or something] poisoned the water hole. Or the meat-eaters ate all of the plant eaters. And then presumably each other. And on and on and on. A change in the Earth’s magnetic field [gravity OFF! oops] or axial tilt. Cosmic rays from a “nearby” supernova. A variant on the red tide phenomenon. Parasites, genetic disorders and mammals eating all of the dino eggs [greedy little varmints!]. The list is endless!
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