Textbook Propaganda

Any skilled revolutionary knows that one of the best ways to maintain power is to control the propaganda. For long-term power, control the education of children. "Scientific atheism", anti-religious propaganda and so on were standard operating procedure in the Soviet Union. Whether the old USSR or modern scientism, evolutionary propaganda is so blatant, it is downright arrogant. Misinformation, outdated material, bad science, cherry-picked "facts" — and any evidence contrary to evolutionism is strongly resisted. What chance does a student have to be able to think rationally and weigh the evidence if only pro-evolutionary propaganda is presented?
A friend recently showed me a copy of his teenage son’s new science text book. He’s studying in a government high school in Queensland, Australia, and there’s a whole unit on evolution
It made my blood boil.
Kids have great text books these days—colourful, attractive, well laid out, and interesting. But the treatment of evolution by this text was ill-informed, erroneous, one-sided, bigoted and doctrinaire. 

But they are just following the state syllabus. The book is called Science Focus 4 and was written for the science syllabus, stages 4 and 5 in the adjoining state of New South Wales. 

The evolution unit tells the students in plain and simple language that they have evolved ‘From bacteria to humans’. It reinforces its message with images that powerfully influence even those kids who don’t read. The pictures also bypass the critical faculties of those who do read.
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