Confusion and Misrepresentation

Here are two examples of people asking questions based on their misunderstanding of creationist positions. (I keep saying, "Do your homework", but they don't listen.) These letters to CMI show how not only are the creationist positions strong, but evolutionists should not be getting their opinions and bad information from sources that are nothing more than pooling of angry ignorance.
A skeptic wrote to a friend of CMI,
“The latest that I hear from AIG and CMI is that they are now invoking total and absolute sci-fi hocus-pocus like White Holes in a downright vain attempt to force creationist cosmology to make some kind of, any kind of sense. To force it to fit into a model of the 6000 year old, 6-day created cosmos.

“The scientific community is laughing at them because they couldn’t even get a basic fact like that even if white holes did exist (and there is nil evidence for them to date) then so time in the universe outside of one would dramatically slow down instead of speed up like the creation scientists are arguing in order to make sense of the fact that we are looking at 13 billion year old galaxies”
CMI’s Dr Don Batten replies:
Followed by another letter to CMI:
I have a skeptic facebook friend who I recommended the site to, but has a problem with the moon receding article.
He says “As an example, the article about the recession of the moon makes one very basic but fundamental mistake. The moon is accelerating away from the earth, not slowing in its motion away from the earth. This single mistake invalidated the whole article, and doesn’t give me much confidence in the rest of their ‘science’.”
He goes on to say
“’s calculations are wrong. They’re based on the idea that the moon was moving away from the earth faster in the past, an idea which geological evidence does not support.”
I’m not sure what to say other than the secular science is based evolutionary timescales, and they are assuming it was slower and only now accelerating to fit billions of years of evolution.
what does think?
CMI’s Shaun Doyle responds:
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