Do You Have What It Takes?

So often, when presenting creationist and ID theories and models, we are "refuted" by evolutionists with the following perspicacious gems:
  • Not true
  • Irrelevant
  • Disproved by atheists in a forum
  • Creationists and ID people do not have real scientists
  • Assorted foolish logical fallacies, including, "You're an idiot"
That last one is very special to me because it generally stems from the objective, dispassionate approach of, "The evidence compels me to reach conclusions that do not fit my preconceptions. Besides, I just don't like it".

When I am confronted by someone who does not want to even consider the possibility that what we are presenting is the truth, my feeling is this:

Do you have what it takes to honestly examine evidence that is contrary to evolution?