Not Even the Enzymes

When the average Joe or Jane on the street is presented with evolutionary "truth", they are given the propaganda version: Scientists are all in agreement, it's a proven fact, only religious fanatics disagree with science, lower life forms evolved into more advanced life forms given time, chance and mutations &c. But the evolutionary propagandists leave out the little details such as: Scientists are not all in agreement, mechanisms for "this evolved into that" are guesswork, there are many credentialed experts who do not buy into evolutionism.

No materialistic evolutionist has a clue how life originated.
According to evolutionary theory, chemicals must have somehow organized themselves into cellular life, presumably long ago. And that means that enzymes must have formed themselves, too.
But enzymes are highly engineered miniaturized machines. Even intelligent human scientists armed with the most sophisticated technology cannot reproduce their design and manufacture—so, logically, neither can unintelligent chemicals or the laws that govern them. The title of a recent scientific report asserted that a particular enzyme evolved. The study results, however, clearly demonstrate that this enzyme was purposefully created.
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