DNA and Information

Space radiation hitting cell DNA. Photo Credit: NASA
People misrepresent the creationist and ID positions with straw man arguments, ridicule and outright falsehood. When they want to discredit these positions so desperately that their efforts betray their own lack of knowledge and ability to reason, they humiliate themselves.
     Chris C. from Greece writes:
Hello dear sir. I hope this is the right place to ask a scientific question. I’m aware of the information theory and how it is related to DNA and Creator, I have also read many of your articles upon this. 
But I need some more clarifications upon this. I carry the words of a materialist and I would like to have the answer to these specific claims. 
Thank you. 
Here it is:
To find out what it is, you can finish reading "Is information a ‘false metaphor’ for DNA?", here.