Evolution and Sexual Harassment

We already know that atheists have a problem with sexual harassment, and the majority of evolutionists are atheists, so it should not be a surprise that anthropologists doing fieldwork experience it as well.

Should we fault them, though? If we have animals in our ancestry, we should be able to act like animals. Right? After all, they believe that evolution is the source of morality, so they are only exhibiting the logical result of their worldview. 
A shocking percentage of male anthropologists sexually abuse their female students, a new report says. 
Science Insider broke the story: “Survey Finds Sexual Harassment in Anthropology.”  Previously afraid to speak up out of fear for their careers, women responded to an anonymous survey that shows sexual abuse, up to and including rape, is rampant by their superiors:
Fieldwork is a rite of passage for anthropologists. It gives the initiate firsthand knowledge of a culture, along with a feeling of camaraderie with colleagues, often in remote and rugged locations. But for women there is also a dark side—a risk of sexual harassment and rape, according to a survey of fieldwork experiences released today. Anthropologist Kathryn Clancy, who authored the study, found a disturbingly high incidence of physical sexual harassment among respondents: More than 20% of female bioanthropologists who took part said that they had experienced ” physical sexual harassment or unwanted sexual contact.” Most of these victims are female, and most of the perpetrators were colleagues of superior professional status, sometimes the victim’s own fieldwork mentor.
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