Evolution's Luddites

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

The term “Luddite” refers to a rebellious movement in the early part of the Industrial Revolution. At that time, some people were destroying machinery that was going to put them out of work because they could be replaced by unskilled, low-paid people who would run the machines [1].

Although most people do not know the real meaning of “Luddite” today and the fear of unemployment and starvation that motivated the movement, many know the disparaging term from definition number two, “One who opposes technical or technological change” [2]. Even that meaning is being lost because the term is being used imprecisely. People who want an emotionally-charged word for their political or religious enemies will call them “Luddites” [3, 4]. I have encountered the term dreadfully misused several time in reference to creationists.

Since someone who believes in Intelligent Design or biblical (Six Day) creation is tagged with this term, it seems fitting to turn this around: Evolutionists are Luddites. That’s right, I said it! Stop and think: They are opposed to change, clinging to their fundamentally flawed science philosophies despite the evidence.

The term "Luddite" originally referred to a group that opposed science and technology. Today, the Luddites are the Darwinists who refuse to let go of their fundamentally flawed anti-science worldview.

This becomes readily apparent when Darwin’s Cheerleaders on Algore's Amazing Internet™ attack creationists with verbal and spurious legislative violence. They are emboldened by atheist and humanist efforts to remove “religion” from public life with banal complaints [5, 6, 7], and by libelous attacks on creationist ministries (and Christians in general) [8, 9, 10]

Not only are they committed to a self-serving materialistic definition of “science” [11], but they are protecting their cash cow. After all, if someone comes up with the Next Big Thing in Evolution®, he or she will be expecting an increase of funding from the government and other supporters [12]. Imagine that…our tax dollars at work to support evolution, which is a foundation for the religions of atheism and secular humanism [13].

I put it to you that the real opponents of scientific progress [14], the real Luddites, are the evolutionists — ironically, they are attempting to put the Luddite label on creationists.