False Attribution and Fallacious Assertions in Evolutionary Materials

Evolutionists often play deceptive word games to get people to accept their fundamentally flawed worldview. Biblical creationists want to teach you *how* to think, now *what* to think like Darwinoids want.

One thing that gets people flustered that need to learn more about creation science and critical thinking skills is the way that Darwin's Cheerleaders play "bait and switch" games with their words. For example, these bullies equivocate "science" into "evolution", and say things like, "If you deny evolution, then you hate science". Another bit of fast and loose wordplay is when they "prove" evolution by simply saying that something is proof, and use circular reasoning by assuming that it is true, therefore, the evidence proves evolution. Wrong.
Many scientific findings get labeled with “evolution” even though neo-Darwinism has nothing to do with them.
Reversible evolution:  A study on dust mites reported by Science Daily claims evolution can run backwards to previous states – a violation of an evolutionary principle called Dollo’s Law.  For one, the supposed phylogenetic analysis began and ended with dust mites, not with one kind of creature turning into another.  For another, a violation of Dollo’s Law (“evolution is unidirectional and irreversible”) amounts to a falsification of neo-Darwinism, not a confirmation of it.
Predictable evolution:  An article on PhysOrg and another on Science Daily claim long-term evolution is “surprisingly predictable,” contrary to a key tenet of neo-Darwinism that evolution is aimless and purposeless.  The first study involved just a computer model of a particular protein connection, irrelevant to evolution anyway.  The second began and ended with E. coli (one species), of doubtful relevance to the issue of Darwinian “origin of species.”
You can read more about giving credit where it is not due in "Evolution is Not Just Change or Similarity", here.