Audio Saturday PLUS — More Dinosaur Soft Tissue

One of my contentions about evolutionists and atheists is that, although they claim that they want "evidence" for the God of creation, it is an empty demand. The evidence is all around them. When they go on their rants, I wonder if they are trying to convince themselves that their fundamentally flawed worldview is valid after all, instead of trying to get biblical creationists to embrace their version of "science".

For example, when I mentioned that soft dinosaur tissue had been found (which is impossible by evolutionary time scales), one fellow claimed that creationists were wrong, dishonest, had old material and so forth. He refused to accept the actual science, and preferred to cling to his refuted presuppositions. I wonder what he thinks now, since more and more of these frustrations for evolution have been found.

Microscopy expert Mark Armitage returned to Real Science Radio to discuss the soft tissue, the CRS iDINO project and other items. You can listen or download here. Below, are some "Answers Conversations" with Steve Ham and David Menton.

"How Does the Fossil Record Refute Evolution?"
"What Does Soft Tissue in Dinosaur Bones Mean for Evolution?"