Circular RNA and Junk Like That

We need some background information before continuing in today's post.

Evolutionary scientists selected an area of DNA to study. The areas that they could not find a use for were labeled "junk DNA", and assumed to be leftovers from our alleged evolutionary past. Creationists said, essentially, "Not so fast", and were proven right, it is not junk. But Darwin's Cheerleaders are determined to promote their faith, even though science shows it to be false.

DNA, mircoRNA, circular RNAs show evolution to be ridiculous
FreeDigitalPhotos / sheelamohan
When microRNA was found, it was attributed to evolution. Then circular RNAs were added, and evolution was again given credit. The more it is studied, the more DNA shows the speculations of evolution to be increasingly risible.
A completely new category of circular RNAs has been discovered, adding another layer of amazing complexity to human genetics. These circular RNAs are formed from the intron regions inside a gene that were once thought to be nothing but junk DNA.
Genes in plants and animals are copied (transcribed) into messenger RNA molecules (mRNAs) that are subsequently processed to remove segments that do not end up in the mature RNA transcript. 
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