Who Is Really the Liar?

Although it happens rather frequently, I am still occasionally amazed when anti-creationists and atheopaths make accusations of "liar" to Christians and especially to biblical creationists. In articles that I posted elsewhere, I have pointed out several problems with such an accusation:
  • They cannot demonstrate an intent to deceive on the part of the Christian
  • A disagreement on the interpretation of scientific evidence is not "lying"
  • In most cases, the accusation is simply an emotional reaction to facts that threaten their paradigm
  • They do not seem to know the true definition of lying
  • The accusation is often accompanied by other logical fallacies, showing the inability for critical thinking on the part of the accuser
But there is something else these libelers and slanders miss, and that is the ludicrous nature of their claim. Just think it through: Biblical creationists believe in what the Scriptures teach about God, who is holy and hates lying. We're going to lie in order to get you to believe that God is real, that Jesus died and rose again for our sins, and there is a coming judgment? Get real.

In addition, some Christians look to us to police the Web and engage obstreperous, angry atheists. Think about this, what good is it to fill our minds with their negativity and try to reason with people who have nothing but contempt for us and our views in the first place. Philippians 4.8-9 comes to mind.

Original photo source: stock.xchng/Jerusalem Stone/craiova

Not only do I want to keep the negativity level down in my life (I get plenty of that at the workplace), but scoffers like to distract us. (Just ask Matt Slick of CARM, he'll enthusiastically confirm this, as we have discussed it on his radio show.) We have a job to do proclaiming the truth, and must be selective when engaging mockers as opposed to people who want to have actual discussions.

I will conclude with a video excerpt from Ian Juby, used with his permission, that discusses some of these things. Better than I do, of course. The source video is here.

— Cowboy Bob Sorensen