Imagine Evolution

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Just sit right back and you'll hear some tales that are supposedly traced to Darwin's fateful trip. But the weather starts getting rough when you realize that Darwin's Cheerleaders are substituting imagination for facts and then passing this off as actual science.

They begin with their presuppositions that evolution is true. Then, using their evolution spectacles, they view data as evidence of evolution. But they are often guilty of the fallacies of exclusion and of suppressed evidence. That is, there are other explanations other than "EvolutionDidIt" for the (often tiny) data that are observed. But that does not stop some people from shutting down their thought processes and enthusiastically embracing that stuff as science. Then they wonder why so many of us question evolution.

You can see some splendid examples of what I'm going on about at "Evolutionary Tales Are Constructed Out of Imagination, Not Data".