The End at the Beginning

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A different kind of post today, just some personal reflections. (See what I did there?)

Some of us tend to think darker thoughts a bit more often than others. On this first day of the New Year, I want to tell you about my impending demise. No, I don't know when it will happen, but scientists have shown two things. First, people are more likely to believe something if it is prefaced with "scientists have shown..." Second, everybody dies.

"Big deal, Cowboy Bob. We all know that."

I've been wondering what I will leave behind. Material things all wither and fade away. Some take longer than others, but they all go away. Some people think that things on the Web will last forever, but who knows — and if it does last, who will find it in the clutter? No, what I want to leave behind are transcendent things like knowledge and spiritual values.

Evolution is a cancer. This Weblog alone has about 670 posts and articles that show how evolutionary thinking has hindered scientific advances, been a "scientific" excuse for abortion, racism and other evils of society. It has also been an excuse to disregard the existence of God. That is tragic. The lies of millions (or billions) of years and of evolution are not knowledge, they are spiritual barriers.

I want to help show the folly of evolution and point honest seekers to resources, but it is not just about "winning". (There are Christians who, I believe, want to simply win arguments and are full of pride, and have no business claiming to be apologists. They should read this article.) There is a Creator, he makes the rules, he has shown himself to us through the Bible, and I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. People can be arrogant and foolishly pretend that there is no God, but the consequences are eternal and unchanging.

Creationists do not simply use "God of the Gaps" or similar nonsense. We want to know just as much as anyone else, and there are fully credentialed creationist scientists who do serious research into God's creation and the judgement of the Genesis Flood, among other things. Amazingly, people who think they are smarter than we are simply because they reject God often have to be informed by us about their own viewpoints and their logical fallacies. And there are people like me who will be blunt at times to get their attention in the hope of sparking some thought.

I will not apologize for my stance on the inerrancy of the Bible or a literal six-day creation about six thousand years ago. We all have presuppositions for our worldviews, and I am not going to set aside the truth of God's Word in favor of secular, naturalistic interpretations of scientific evidence. But I am willing to continue using the evidence to refute evolution and affirm creation. Let the mockers and stalkers rage and congratulate each other, they will not change the truth. 

Using my stockpile of unregistered assault keyboards that are stored in a bunker that I sublet from Ian Juby, I will continue to bring you news, occasional articles, my viewpoints, links, graphics, humor and more. Further, I hope and pray for the two things that I wish to leave behind when I'm gone. One is that some people will be inspired to keep working to spread the truth of creation and the Bible. Second, that some of my readers will come to know Jesus Christ through my efforts, whether directly or indirectly. These are what I want to leave behind.

Science is great. So is scientific progress. Secularists suppress evidence against evolution and present only the favorable (and often distorted, even dishonest) material. That means people are handicapped in the area of critical thinking. They are deceived, and will enter eternity. My fight continues. 

May God bless you in the coming year. May you come to know Jesus soon. May those who know Jesus deepen their walk with him and their commitment to his Word.

— Cowboy Bob Sorensen