More Modern Dinosaur Sightings?

Most evolution believers presume that dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. But this disregards the soft tissue discoveries, archaeological evidence and even modern eyewitness accounts.

Using their worldviews based on their presuppositions, the Evo Sith generally insist that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. Historical evidence to the contrary is rejected out of hand because it does not fit their beliefs. This is also the primary reason that the existence of dinosaur soft tissues is explained away (because it is impossible to evolutionists), often through very unscientific science and assumptions. 

The existence of dinosaurs in recent times threatens evolution itself because molecules-to-man evolution requires "deep time". Although the scientific evidence is against an ancient Earth, the evolutionary propaganda value of dinosaurs would be destroyed if they were found, or if evolutionists admitted that they existed much more recently than had been assumed. Can't have the recent creation as described in Genesis get more support, can we? Nope. That would mean there's a Creator...

I posted some material about dinosaur sightings in modern times, and it looks like even more may have been observed.
A dinosaur actually living in the world today? According to a report in Papua New Guinea’s The Independent newspaper, a ‘dinosaur-like reptile’ was seen on two occasions in the Lake Murray area, in Western Province.
. . .
The creature was described as having a body ‘as long as a dump truck’ and nearly two metres wide, with a long neck and a long slender tail. It was walking on two hind legs ‘as thick as coconut palm tree trunks’, and had two smaller forelegs. The head was similar in shape to a cow’s head, with large eyes and ‘sharp teeth as long as fingers.’ The skin was likened to that of a crocodile, and the creature had ‘largish triangular scoops on the back.’
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