Evolutionary Thinking is Wrecking Society

Biblical creationists have pointed out for a long time that evolution is not just a campfire discussion topic for academics and scientists. It is far more than that, since it is a worldview that not only covers origins, but meaning, purpose, the future, and more. Materialists who control the science industry use atheism and evolution to affect Western society.

Evolutionists consider humans "just another animal", and are wrecking society
Credit: Pixabay / Herbert Aust
The biblical creationists present a message of hope:
  • We are created in God's image
  • There is a purpose in life
  • Our Creator has redeemed his people through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • There is a final Judgment where people are recompensed according to their deeds, evil receives eternal punishment and God's adopted children are rewarded. 
Darwin's Flying Monkeys© on the internet want to destroy this, offering:
  • We are the products of time, chance, and random processes
  • There is no purpose in life
  • There is no ultimate justice, we're just worm food when we die
  • We're here to keep on spreading our genes around.
Evolution is foundational to atheism. No wonder they have such a high suicide rate!

Just stop and think about the foundation of morality for these people. In the real world, evolutionists not only agree with the dismal presentations of those on the internet, but also make things much worse on a large scale. They are portraying humans as just animals, nothing special. Evolution is being used to justify abortion and eugenics. Marx, a sidewinder who admired Darwin (and vice versa) is being brought out of mothballs, but his bloody legacy is being ignored by leftists and atheists. Read about these and more by clicking on "Evolutionary Ethics Ruins Families".