Fossils Unfriendly to Evolution

Supporters of universal common ancestor evolution claim that the fossil record contains some of the strongest evidence for their belief system. Evolution requires huge amounts of time so things can go about the business of changing into other things, so there should be a multitude of transitional forms. Ain't happening, Zeke. 

"But we've got excuses because you're wrong because evolution!"

The hands at the Darwin Ranch have worked overtime down at the propaganda mill to cover the fact that there are no undisputed transitional forms. Sure, they cite propaganda mills like Wikipedia,, and so forth that state what they want to believe, but those shnooks are at odds with the experts.

The fossil record is hostile to evolution and supports the Genesis Flood
I'd like to see trilobites do a coelacanth trick and suddenly get discovered alive
Credit: Freeimages / Dave Dyet
Doesn't a proper scientific attitude require evidence before a hypothesis is formed? Darwin admitted in Origin of Species, "Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory.” He expected the evidence to be found. That's not science, that's wishful thinking, Chuck.

There are numerous citations from evolutionists who have admitted over the years that there are still no transitional forms. They also admit that evolutionary paleontologists engage in circular reasoning. At this point, someone will get on the prod and want to slap leather, saying, "That there's quote mining, Mister! I'm calling you out!" But he's shooting blanks because we're not quote mining. As it was then, so it is today: paucity of transitional forms, and circular reasoning. The missing links will remain missing, and the transitional forms do not exist, because evolution did not happen. The evidence actually supports the global Genesis Flood.
How many of us have heard that evolution is supported by the evidence of the fossil record or that millions of fossils prove evolution had to have occurred? It has been assumed that as more research accumulated and more fossils were discovered, there would be increasing evidence to support the thesis of Darwin that evolution of species has occurred. In fact, it now seems to be popular to think that this has indeed occurred, and that new fossil evidence - including evidence of whale evolution, etc. - now has lent increased support to the theory of evolution. We will look at the results of the research in the years following Darwin. We will also examine claims or statements from scientists, including evolutionists, about this fossil evidence. Let’s look at this and see what the actual fossil evidence tells us!
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