Darwinian Naturalism and Freedom for Evil

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

As regular readers have probably observed, many of my articles were inspired by the work of others. This one from Revolution Against Evolution was written in 2017, and is something that was useful for expansion.

How can we reach a point where evil behavior is not only tolerated, but accepted and encouraged? Far too many people refuse to learn from history, and it is repeating itself today. There are many analyses of how Adolf Hitler came to power, but he was unlikely to have made it with a platform of exterminating Jews and other "races". It seems safe to assume that Eichmann, Göring, and his other henchmen would not have been given the time of day.

It is not really such a puzzle how anti-Christian people rose to power in the past, and how they are gaining power again. It comes down to foundations.
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Small Beginnings

Hitler's book Mein Kampf was a diatribe against Jews, but the full force of those philosophies was gradual. Propaganda was utilized, one point being that they were the common enemy. Another tactic was concentration and repetition. Added to this is dehumanization, of which ridicule is an essential part. Also important for him and other totalitarians is control of the media.

People have willingly negated the lessons from history regarding Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and many others. Indeed, although communism and socialism have failed, people who want free stuff and resent those who have become wealthy believe propaganda from modern leftist politicians. Those people have also hated Judaism and Christianity. Now we have openly socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian politicians receiving adoration. Those who dissent are labeled, ridiculed, and dehumanized. Indeed, leftists in the formerly United States want to send supporters of President Trump to reeducation camps. The mainstream media is complicit, spreading false news, promoting leftist causes, and attempting to silence news that is not compatible with their agendas.

We don't have time to discuss censorship. There's plenty of information available on that subject anyway.

Have you ever noticed that most professing atheists are also leftists? Most Western countries were founded on Christian principles, and this was extremely obvious for the United States (and to some extent, the formerly Great Britain). Atheists and leftists attempt to rewrite history, changing successful economic principles as well as biblical truths. Further, fundamentalist atheists are becoming more militant, pretending to adore science and reason but showing contempt for both. Instead, they focus on dehumanizing Christians and creationists in their pursuit of suppressing the truth of God, and promoting things that are contrary to scriptural principles.

Eroding the Foundations

There was a time when schools and universities equipped students to face the challenges of the future. Now they have "safe spaces" so their delicate feathers are not ruffled by unpleasant facts or concepts that require actual thought. For ages, debate clubs existed, and forms of debate were utilized for the purposes of not only challenging one another, but sharpening each other.

As mentioned earlier, the media is extremely involved in promoting leftist and atheistic views. Sheeple listen to those news outlets instead of bothering to think critically. (Indeed, critical thinking has been fading from view for quite a spell now.) People do not ask others, or even themselves, how someone can make a claim, where is the support for it, and so on.

The Judeo-Christian ethic of Western nations was not destroyed by Taggart leading owlhoots a-ridin' into town, shootin', hollerin', and a-whompin' every value within an inch of its life. Instead, the foundations were eroded gradually and with subtlety.

Influence of Darwinian Naturalism

The foundation of almost every major Christian doctrine begins in Genesis, and atheistic naturalism (adherents make a priori assumptions that miracles are impossible and God the Creator does not exist) frequently utilizes the first lie, found in Genesis 3:1. The serpent questioned and misrepresented God's Word. Since people do not have high levels of trust for atheists (nor do they trust each other), the full-on assault approach they have does not carry much impact. Intelligent naturalists appeal to more subtle attacks on the truth.

Essentially, the attack is on the authority of God's Word. The media and atheistic propaganda are exceptionally hostile to it. Secularists not only hate God and his Word, but God in us (John 15:18, 2 Timothy 3:12).

I believe that the most popular attack is an appeal to science. Not actual observed science, but conflating operational science with historical science. People have a strange love/hate relationship with science and scientists. On one hand, depending on scientists to solve our problems, but also exhibiting suspicion. Since critical thinking is seldom utilized by the unwashed masses, people seem to be willing to accept what "scientists say" or what "studies show".

Scientists say that Earth is billions of Darwin years old, never mind that there are many scientific indications that it is far younger than materialists maintain. Further, scientists say that since the world is that old, there was plenty of time for life to evolve. Essentially, the Trojan Horse of false science was brought through the gate and the invaders wreaked havoc on theology, true science, and logical thinking.

The True Root Cause

People don't like to hear this. Maybe because it's too simple, or it could be overused. Still, the true root cause is sin. Study on it. All are sinners in rebellion against God, and we must humble ourselves and repent so Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives. That doesn't set well with human nature. We're proud. We're human. We're special (even though evolutionists say we're just modified pond scum that came on the scene by accident). We think and believe the right things because of what "scientists say" and follow the trends of godless societies.

Further, thinking deteriorates in proportion to sin (Romans 1:18-32, 1 Timothy 4:2). In theology, it is the noetic effect of sin. I have seen people who are cogent, but when they rail against God, their reasoning turns to trail dust.

God's Word says that he is the Creator and he makes the rules. Evolution may appeal to pride and the intellect through philosophy and pretenses at science, but it is a way to justify rebellion against God. It empowers sin. How can Hitler rise to power, and how can God-hating socialists come to today? Gradually, through sinful tactics and the rejection of God's Word. No wonder atheists, leftists, and totalitarians in general hate Christians. Biblical creationists are the worst of the bunch to them because we uphold the authority of the Bible from the very first verse. Are you ready to take your stand against evil and to support the authority of God's Word?

The article that was the springboard for this is "License to Kill", and I reckon that would be worth your time.