Science, the Bible, and GMOs

Folks are a mite confused about this GMO thing, and there are strong passions on both sides of the issue. Some see this genetic manipulation as evil, so some food merchandisers proudly proclaim, "No GMOs!" Others see it as a tremendous scientific boon.

There is a great deal of concern and fear about GMOs. They may alleviate food shortage problems. We need to know if they are biblical and safe.
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There are views all over the map, and a great deal of emotion. Some people who are against GMOs manipulate emotions and say that they're dangerous, and this child suspects that most people have no knowledge of the controversy. What's the hubbub, Bub, about Genetically Modified Organisms?

I'll allow that genetic modification where people modify the gene itself has not been happening for all that long, but a form of genetic modification has been around for millennia. There are foods that we eat that are the product of artificial selection (Darwinists consider artificial selection a form of how natural selection causes evolution, but neither of those are true). Eugenics is an attempt to cause artificial selection to happen in humans so that they "best" humans continue to thrive. If you have a purebred dog or cat, for instance, that is the result of selective breeding, which is also artificial selection.

There are very fine people on both sides of the GMO issue, including Christians. This issue seems to be a darling of leftist "progressive" politics. Scare tactics abound. Instead, people should learn that food safety is not the issue, and we can use our minds and quite possibly use science to utilize what our Creator has given us. It would be great if we could use this science to help alleviate food shortages.

Here in the formerly United States as well as many other countries, there are government agencies that regulate food production and safety. Why do you think you need a license and have health safety inspectors approve of your home baked goods business? Let's get educated on this, and not let emotionalism or faulty theology cloud our judgments. Find out if GMO deniers are really promoting food safety, and if their statements are valid.
Today’s food battle typically wages against seemingly wholesome foods containing “corn, soybean, cotton, wheat, canola, sorghum, and sugar cane seeds.”1 What is common to all these seemingly wholesome foods is that they typically are genetically modified in the US—their DNA has been changed. Currently, the FDA has no requirement to label foods made with these ingredients, and there have been no recalls. But have they acted in a safe and responsible fashion? Or is there anything really wrong with these common “all natural” products? Are GMOs ethical?

 Although I seldom use book chapters here, I reckon this one is very helpful and interesting. To read the whole thing, get comfy for about a half an hour, then head on over to "Are GMOs Ethical?"