Those Other Senses in Animals

Most people have and use their five basic senses, so it may be surprising to learn that many animals could be considered to have sixth senses. This is not about occult things, but it is clear that the Master Engineer built special features into creatures.

It may be surprising to know that many animals have senses beyond our basic five. These testify of the Master Engineer and cannot be evosplained away.
Credits: Original photo from Unsplash / Yu-chuan Hsu, modified at PhotoFunia
A quick aside before we move on, just an unscientific opinion. Sometimes things are considered psychic or a sixth sense in humans, but I think that some of these are based on lost abilities. Many abilities have been undeveloped or negated by industrialized societies where our ancestors would rely on and interpret input from their senses. Even now, we may realize that an air current has changed or a change in lighting and shadows indicated that someone drew near. Just wondering how much may still be built into us but has faded over time and disuse.

Let's get to cognating on the critters, shall we? The beaks of pigeons have particles of magnetite that are linked to their brains, helping their navigation. As many people know, some organisms can see light waves beyond those that the human eye and brain can detect. Ever use night vision goggles or see them in use on television? Some animals have built-in thermal imaging. Or consider the fact that animals can hear sounds that are far above or below what we were designed to hear — and communicate with them.

Darwin's disciples cannot give rational explanations of plausible models for the numerous abilities. They evosplain that such things had to evolve by time, chance, natural selection, dumb luck, and so on. Nor can they provide believable models. No, it makes much more sense to give appropriate credit to the Creator.
We rely on our senses to tell us accurately about our surroundings. However, our five senses cannot detect everything. The world is full of information beyond our reach, but many animals have “sixth senses”—super senses that enable them to experience other dimensions of our world. These bonus senses help these creatures survive and thrive in their habitats.

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