New Shark Fossil no Surprise to Creationists

Believers in universal common descent presuppose evolution, so they get excited when a fossil is found that can be manipulated into supporting their paradigm. Facts without the deep time and evolutionary assumptions more readily support recent creation and the Genesis Flood.

A fossilized shark was discovered down Arkansas way, and Darwin's disciples are excited about how this new discovery can provide information about evolution. Part of the thrill is that cartilage was involved, and that stuff does not fossilize very often.

Shark, Pexels / Marc Derndorff
When I say new discovery, I mean that it was found in the 1970s. Recently, it was analyzed with CT-scans and given digital reconstruction. (That technology is impressive.) They assigned it a new genus and species name. However, it's still a shark with no evidence of evolution. Also, others were fossilized with it, indicating the rapid burial characteristic of the Flood. There were some other surprises where sharks have been fossilized — none of them friendly to evolution.
The fossil record contains a plethora of shark teeth, but fossilized shark skeletons are exceptionally rare. When they are found, though, they are always 100% sharks.

Because shark skeletons are made of cartilage, the fact that they’re sometimes found intact indicates a sudden and catastrophic burial such as intense flooding. Indeed, the late evolutionist Barbara Stahl stated about the burial of shark fossils (cladodonts), “They were preserved in their entirety before scavengers or bacteria had a chance to destroy them.”

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