Worldviews and the Value of Human Life

Although many Western countries developed from Christian principles, they are becoming increasingly secular. Even so, there are still some undercurrents of those ideals in society. A woman announces that she is expecting a child and people celebrate. Ultrasound pictures are shown. Expectant parents love this person they have never met in the flesh.

Evolution devalues humanity and atheists desperately cling to that myth. It is not just a biological subject but a worldview. Evolutionists consider all forms of life to be related — and equally meaningless. But they cannot consistently live with such beliefs.

Woman showing ultrasound, Unsplash / Christin Noelle
People with a secular (indeed, anti-Christian) worldview celebrate death. People like this are usually on the political left, and it has been said that abortion is like a sacrament for them. They celebrate the killing of unborn babies! And yet, they get involved in conservation efforts and want to save the baby seals. The Christian perspective is markedly different, and the most consistent among us know that human life is precious because we are created in God's image.

What value do we place on human life—in the womb, and later in life—and what role does our worldview play? A recent news bulletin reported that abortion clinics are seeing a rise in women that use abortion as ‘birth control’ (as a last resort), rather than contraceptives. The Bible views sex outside of marriage as fornication. However, in today’s society abstinence does not even seem to come into the equation, yet it is the only way to be 100% sure of avoiding pregnancy! The sad fact is that many men and women do not deem the life of the unborn child as something precious.

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