Climate Change Science from a Creationist Perspective

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

For several months, climate change has been put on the back burner. Now things are heating up again with Joe Biden ordering the formerly United States to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, and with Facebook policing the climate narrative. A biblical creation perspective is important now.

Climate change is becoming a hot subject again. There is a great deal of hysteria and fake news, so a rational, creation science view is necessary.
Credit: / ponsulak
Some subjects are not ready candidates for creation science discussions, so some creationists think they should stay in their lane. As readers here have seen, the secular science industry has joined with leftist political causes, often denying science facts, so it becomes necessary to discuss things that overlap from there in theology and science.

Taking care and being good stewards of the planet God gave us should be important to people, especially Christians. It may be tempting to saddle up with environmentalists, but their worldviews are radically materialistic, including the Big Bang, particles-to-politician evolution, billions of years, rejecting God — some even deify the planet (Gaia the Earth goddess) to the point of wanting to exterminate huge numbers of people. It is startling to see similarities in fake science news from both climate change and evolution.

Concern about climate change is one thing, but alarmism is another. As we saw with the politicization of the Wuhan virus by leftists, similar things are happening with global warming. (Interestingly, the climate change crisis of the 1970s proclaimed an unstoppable ice age was coming.) Never let a crisis go to waste, even if it has to be amplified or even made up, and be sure to punish those who disagree with the official positions.

With climate change, there is suppression of information, cherry-picking and tampering with data to support the narrative, refusal to be scientific and consider all the data, a record of dismal failures in predictions, listening to the "wisdom" of "successor to Jesus" Greta Thunberg (who has no education in such things and is a puppet of leftists), using other children as pawns — climate change more driven by agendas than by science. Even more so is anthropogenic (manmade) climate change.

Don Batten of Creation Ministries International wrote a well-researched and heavily-documented article with a biblical creation science perspective on this subject. That means it's rather long, so I suggest that you budget your time. If you're not keen on reading it all at one time, I suggest some options. They have a table of contents if you want to bookmark the page and read it in bits and pieces. If you have an ebook reader, the fine folks at FiveFilters have a "Push to Kindle" that lets you do exactly what the name says, or you can download the article in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and plain text. Also, there are browser extensions like Reader View (I use this one extensively, you can even edit and save the web page). You'll thank me later.
Until now, CMI has largely avoided the issue. For one thing, we don’t think of it as a core creation-Gospel issue. Also, some people get quite emotional about the subject, so it could be a risky thing to comment upon. No matter what view we take, some of our friends are going to disagree (and we understand). We always attempt to align our positions to a coherent Christian worldview based on God’s Word, but we don’t want to alienate people over tangential issues.

Also, scientifically, the issue is very complex, as I have found diving into the literature, and many colleagues, inside and outside CMI, have critiqued and contributed to what follows.1 Hence this document is a joint effort. It has come to over 14,000 words, and there are some mind-stretching concepts for those who are not scientifically trained (I’ve done my best to explain things, and there is a summary at the end).

The matter has certainly become a significant worldview issue, so we have decided that we should give some guidance. After all, we have considerable experience in Christian worldview matters, as well as collective expertise in the sciences that relate to climate and climate history.

To read or download the article using the above suggestions, mount up and ride on over to "Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) — a biblical and scientific approach to climate change". The video below is from several months ago, but is still very appropriate today: