Cholesterol, Global Warming and Evolution — HUH?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

On the surface, this is a strange article. Keep going and you'll see that the three items in the title actually have a common link — and the link is not missing. It's about "settled science".

The reversal of the "eating cholesterol-rich foods is bad for you" concept, global warming, and evolution have a common thread.
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No, I haven't had peyote buttons. A Yaqui sorcerer tried to give me some once, but never mind about that now.

This article has an odd origin. I was listening to my favorite weekday Conservative show by Chris Plante while working overtime, and I got some information as well as an inspiration. The big news is that you don't need to worry about high-cholesterol foods after all — most of our fat blood comes from genes, not victuals. (Strange, I heard that years ago. Now it's accepted?) Even though there were some nay-sayers including Ancel Keys back in the 1955, most people acted like it was "settled science", so we have to just shut up and accept it. Now the "truth" discarded, you don't have to worry so much about cholesterol. Maybe Cousin Eddie will start eating squirrels again.

Chris Plante pointed out that the cholesterol report smacks of similarities to anthropogenic global warming. We are causing the world to burn and it's "settled science". I'll take it further than Chris did. Those deniers, even though there are scientists and meteorologists who reject it, should just shut up and go with the consensus. Sometimes, scientists are attacked, but not refuted. Might makes right, majority rules, all that.

I've lost count of the owlhoots who tell me to clam up about biblical creation because Darwin killed God and evolution is a fact, and (wait for it...) "settled science". There are also people who want us to compromise and mix "settled science" evolution with creation. Evolution is not science at all, since it fails the basic requirements of a scientific theory (repeatable, observable, testable, and so on). The inconvenient truth is that evolution is a matter of belief, and there are many scientists, both secular and creationist, who do not consider evolution to be a fact. Evolution is supported by speculation presented as science, storytelling, wild conjecture, fraud, and outright lies (especially by Darwin's Drones who troll the Web, trying to silence those of us who present reality). We should obediently join the dancing in Darwin's Disco. "Settled science"? Not hardly.

"But Cowboy Bob, how can all of those scientists be wrong?"

They're human, and have their own presuppositions, biases, and rebellion against the authority of Scripture. They're not infallible, and I don't think most of them have the faith in themselves that science worshipers have. They've been wrong before, and they're wrong now.

The claim that ingesting cholesterol-rich foods is bad for you, anthropogenic global warming, and scum-to-skeptic evolution have a great deal of hand-waving cheerleaders, but those things are not "settled science", not by a long shot. Sometimes, settled science ain't quite so settled. If people looked for the truth in God's Word, there wouldn't be so much fudging and insistence on speculation with global warming and evolutionism.

If you want to hear the Chris Plante show, you have two options. First, go the site and look for the "2.20.15" link. If that fails, this direct MP3 link may help. In either case, go to the 1 hr. 14 min. 35 sec. mark or thereabouts so you don't have to wade through the entire show. Political Conservatives might end up subscribing to the RSS feed, though.