Myth-ing Dinosaur Evolution

Russell Watchtower, who heads up the Ministry of Truth at the Darwin Ranch, is a devious sidewinder. That is an asset in his job. His department has been using popular media and other things to honeyfuggle the public, making dinosaurs messengers of evolutionary propaganda. The secular science industry is mighty appreciative.

Speculations are presented in movies as reasonable, even factual, despite lack of evidence. Indeed, sometimes the evolutionary storyline defies scientific truths. An example of propaganda trumping science is how secularists insist dinosaurs evolved into birds, yet true birds existed at the same time as dinosaurs.

The secular science industry is happy to have popular media spread myths about dinosaurs. Sometimes movies ignore even what secular science believes.
Dinosaur image from ICON0.COM at Stockvault
Another myth is that dinosaurs were warm-blooded, but that is contrary to observed facts as well. Like modern reptiles, dinosaurs showed inner workings that God designed them to be cold-blooded. (For more about warm- and cold-blooded studies, see "Warm-Bloodedness Not Explained by Evolution.") You can read about these propaganda pieces and more at "Evolutionary Dinosaur Myths Debunked." Clearly, when the evolutionary trappings are removed, the real evidence supports recent creation and the Genesis Flood.